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Every time my lessons start getting lower and I feel as though I’m about to level up, more lessons are added! At one point I had 20 lessons and now it’s shot up to 70 lessons. I searched the forums and my guess is Wanikani has all the lessons locked and you have to earn them by doing reviews. This keeps people from overdoing their lessons. Is this correct?
Thank you!

The system is pretty simple to understand. If you guru an item, you unlock any items that are related to to that particular item (many items will require more than one item to be guru’d to become unlocked). So if you guru a radical, kanji related to that radical is unlocked, If you guru a kanji then vocab related to that item is unlocked. Guru’ing a piece of vocab doesn’t do anything. Oh I should state that items above your level can’t be unlocked, even if you’ve done all the requirements.

So basically each level will look like this:
First: Unlock a bunch of radicals and kanji (the kanji unlocked here will be those that you’ve already studied the radicals in earlier levels).
Second: Guru’ing radicals which will unlock relevant kanji. You will also likely get vocab here from guru’ing kanji.
Third: This is where you level up. You guru the required amount of Kanji and unlock a whole bunch of vocab.

Some later levels are a bit different due to less radicals to learn.

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Yes, that is indeed true. You need to guru 90% of your current level’s kanji to unlock material at the next level. Also, if you’re doing all your lessons as you get them, the reason you get a burst about 3/4 of the way through the level is because you guru that level’s radicals, as well as some kanji, so it unlocks more kanji (due to the radicals) and more vocab (due to the kanji).

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