When do my first 26 radicals move up from being apprentice level?

I understand this to be “when I have learnt them”, but at what point does wanikani consider a radical to be “learnt”?

Also, at what point do I start learning kanji and their meanings/readings?

Thank you

Hello this is answered in the FAQ: https://www.wanikani.com/faq.

Short answer is when you Guru them, that is, when you answer them correctly 4 times after the lesson. You learn the associated kanji after Guruing the radicals.
You can also look here: https://www.wanikani.com/guide


hey dude, I’m also new

I have however just gotten the starting radicals all up to guru and it took me 3 days.
It says in the FAQ that it takes 2-3 days depending on how often you do the reviews, so no stresses. I was also urging to make a go on the Kanji, but the radicals are so far proving to be worth it!


It’s 4 reviews to reach guru from apprentice (assuming no mistakes). For levels 1 and 2, this is on an accelerated timeline, but the minimum time to reach level 2 (by guruing more than 90% of level 1’s kanji) is just over 3 days.

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Great thanks for clearing that up lopicake

Nice, ye it does seem very slow but from what I’ve read it picks up once you’ve gone up a few levels. Definitely considering buying this if the free version teaches me anything

I was wondering the same, but now after four reviews with the first 26 radicals I moved up from apprentice to guru and got my first kanjis. It took me like two days (got all questions aced at 100%). It’s all really extremely simple at this level, but I presume it will pick up pace soon enough… it’s really adorable and addictive.

Yeah, eventually you can look forward to reviews full of things like 解剖 (かいぼう autopsy), 一周忌 (いっしゅうき first death anniversary), 縛り首 (しばりくび death by hanging), 汚濁 (いだく pollution), 憤り (いきどおり resentment), 忌まわしい (いまわしい unpleasant/disgusting)

Those are all from level 58. Fun times.


nice examples

Actually, they are all from level 58. I should know, I am, as of late, somewhat of an expert on level 58.

I totally agree with your point that they are all very fun and adorable though :blush:

Right, corrected.

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Careful now, with these words your comment might get flagged as nsfw :joy:

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Bearing in mind that levels 1 and 2 progress a little faster, here are the waiting times for each spaced repetition system (SRS) level.

SRS Level Next Level Total Wait Review
Apprentice 1 4h - Lesson
Apprentice 2 8h 4h 1
Apprentice 3 ~1d 12h 2
Apprentice 4 ~2d 1d 11h 3
Guru 1 ~1w 3d 10h 4
Guru 2 ~2w 1w 3d 9h 5
Master ~1M 3w 3d 8h 6
Enlightened ~4M 7w 5d 7h 7
Burned - 24w 6d 6h 8
If you make an error during a review, you will go back two steps, except when you are in one of the apprentice steps, where you go back one step.
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3 times for you? why I gotta answer 5 times in a row

You need to get both reading and meaning right 4 times in a row to get it to guru (unless it’s a radical - it only has meaning).


Yeah sorry I meant 4 reviews. Lesson + 4hr review + 8hr review + 24 hr review + 48hr review.

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