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I apologize about this. I am not sure i completely understand how this site works. I have learned the radicals for level 1 but I do not have access to the kanji lessons. I realize that they time their lessons. Though i am curious about how long it takes to progress through the lesson. is there something i need to do beyond the lessons and reviews to trigger more lessons?

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The kanji lessons will appear when the radicals that make them up hit the Guru stage. If you don’t make any mistakes that means you’ll have to review the radicals 4 times before the next lessons unlock. So as long as you keep doing reviews the next lessons will unlock soon.

Similarly vocabulary lessons will unlock once the kanji that make them up hit Guru.


if you use ios or android, you could also download the third party apps so you can see what time the reviews will come, so you have an idea when new lessons will be available for you.

ios - tsurukame
android - smouldering durtles

I use the android one.

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Because this is often a followup concern – the beginning is annoyingly slow but it doesn’t stay like that. Once you’re a little deeper into Wanikani you’re going to have more lessons and possible reviews than the vast majority of people find they can keep up with at full pace.


I appreciate hearing that. I am going to Japan next year for a month by myself and want to be sure I can talk with locals and read menus and the like. I know in the big cities it will be easier as I could fall back to English but I plan on spending a week driving around Hokkaido and some rural areas. I have been diving into learning Japanese head first!


Make sure you do more than just Wanikani, this is a kanji-learning site but won’t teach you grammar or conversational skills, those are separate skills. Literacy is important but learning kanji is not a whole language on its own.


OK, now I’m envious.

If possible, plan to stop in Otaru (long-time seaport) and sample the local seafood.

Lake Toya is pretty impressive, but (at least the hotel that I stayed at) was somewhat expensive.

I suspect that you’ve already got your itinerary mapped out - when I visited in 2018 I considered renting a car and driving around Hokkaido, especially because some of the scenic coastal and volcanic/park locations are not always easy to get to via rail or bus. I ended up not doing that because ‘reasons’ (including that my stay was not going to be long enough, and my travel companions were not keen on the idea).

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I have a rough idea of what i am doing but that week in Hokkaido is very flexible. I will add them to my list. I was originally going to bus and train it but that was my same logic so i decided to just rent a car.


nope. Just do your reviews when you have time after they’ve shown up. Then do as many lessons as you want to, making sure you don’t overload yourself with incoming reviews. Use the first levels to figure out your own pace is my tip. :slight_smile:

For more detailed info, see the Knowledge base: