Most recent non-WK kanji you've learned?

This is a pretty random one that I mentioned in a post last month when talking about if I learn kanji in isolation. Funny to see someone else bring it up

While I’m here, 梃 from 梃子でも動かない


咳 a cough (noun / suru verb )

池田さん 風邪で咳が出るのに、タバコばかり吸っています。

Ikeda-san wa kaze de seki ga deru no ni , tabako bakari sutte imasu. Even though Ikeda is coughing from a cold, all he does is smoke cigarettes [he is (still) smoking all the time].
Chino, Naoko. All About Particles (Kindle Locations 1989-1994). Kodansha USA. Kindle Edition.

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I searched this topic but did not find previous entry for 些 used in 些細 Na-adjective, Noun 1. trivial; slight.​ Unrelated: any ideas why モノ (もの) is being written with katakana?

翅 in the word 鱗翅目(りんしもく). 翅 means wings (翼 can also be written 翅).

鱗翅目 means Lepidoptera, the order of insects that includes butterflies, moths etc (another word I didn’t know before).
Nowadays you would say チョウ目 in Japanese, 鱗翅目 is an obsolete term.