Fun Kanji, New Kanji, Non WK kanji


Kanji, kanji, get your kanji here. Are you a kanji freak? Do you study these things just for fun? Do you find them beautiful or interesting and learn even the ones that are super unnecessary to learn? Then this is the right thread for you.


  1. Your kanji must be non-WK kanji.
  2. You must be a kanji freak.
  3. You must be able to count to 7 in your native language, or at least 8.
  4. Your kanji must be awesome.
  5. All one-kanji words with no hiragana needed such as the examples below are de facto awesome.
  6. Remember the rules.

Examples below:
槍ーやりーjavelin, lance

I have one, but I'm not sure how appropriate it is (may be useful for a religious tour of Japan, hint hint)
You're sure you want to see this?


If you must



噂 - うわさ - rumor
蓋 - ふた - lid, cover, cap
頬 - ほお - cheek


I love 蓋. It is the best!


y-you’re the best!


I saw this while reading ご注文はうさぎですか. Four similar looking kanji to make one word. :slight_smile:

もうりょう - evil spirits of rivers and mountains


裾ーすそーhem, cuff
雫ーしずくーdrop, drip


I love this thread already, I love learning new kanji, even for the ones that are usually written in kana :durtle_love:

A recent one:
— abyss, depths, deep water



Isn’t it used for like being on the edge of death or something (depths of despair, it turns out)? ふち。。。I can’t remember the phrase, but yeah that is a neat one.

Responding to you from above because…I can.

Yeah, it somehow totally looks like what it means. I love it.


Yes exactly! It can be used for things like “depths of despair” and “grip of death” :durtle_the_explorer: I think a common phrase with it is 「淵に沈む」

The kanji is aesthetically pleasing to me c:


I was going to put 裾 but I didn’t think it was fancy enough. :stuck_out_tongue:


Such a good onion turtle

Right? Kind of like a body of water taking you away into the depths of something :cyclone:


I just added a rule number 5 to clarify rule number 4. :wink::dark_sunglasses::turtle:


I like trees, in general (the real thing too, not just the kanji)
Here are some that are cool:
くぬぎ Quercus acutissima

さかき Cleyera japonica

Stuff like that. Also つた Parthenocissus tricuspidata (Japanese ivy) Warning: not actually a tree.


I think 鼎 happens to look pretty rad desu


Isn’t that a three legged kettle?
Edit: it is. Thank you google image.


That goes with
嘘 - うそ - lie


I just stumbled on the word 宵 in a song yesterday. I think it’s quite cute.

宵 -よい - evening, early night


椿 - つばき - Common camellia; Camellia japonica

Pretty flower and pretty kanji :sparkling_heart:


Oh, that reminds me of a song where that word appears.
The actual line is 今宵背中に纒 黒いハッピと誇りを身にまとい

Which brings me to まとい, which also happens to be the title of the song. It’s the alternate kanji for まとい, which is a big pole/sign used to indicate a firefighter squad during the Edo period. The alternate version is the name of a place in the Kanagawa prefecture.