Most lessons done at once?

It may differ but I stopped focusing on keeping apprentice at 100 and just doing lessons as often as I can handle them. When I was trying to keep apprentice at 100 my level up times were around 15-20 days and I somehow guru most the kanji at the time time pushing me up the next level but putting tons of last level vocab in lessons.
That is my experience at least, still have a way to go.

Yeah, it pretty greatly depends on your accuracy. Some people sit at 95%+ at full speed and some people sit at 80%. This causes a pretty huge difference in apprentice items/general workload.

Well mines uhh more like 70ish on readings -.-
I’m working on some ways to get that up higher though.

This script could help you with readings.

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Highly doubt I’ll burn out. I’ve never gone more than a few days without doing reviews. Also I’m going fast because I enjoy learning Japanese and want to learn more kanji as soon as p possible. Plus I’m paying for this so that’s motivation enough for me.

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Around 500-550, though it’s kind of cheating, as I was also playing Darkest Dungeon at the time. Every time I completed a room battle or a dungeon, I’d then do 10-20 reviews.

If we’re talking sit down and just grind out reviews in one continuous stream, it’d be about 350. Probably took about 2 hours of trance-like reviewing. It helps to have soothing music going. I’ve been playing this playlist during my long review sessions lately:

Careful. That’s how I felt at that level. Then I actually went to Japan and turned on vacation mode. Everything seemed vague and distant when I started trying to do reviews on the plane ride home, so I turned vacation mode back on…

It was two months before I got back in the swing of things.

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I know, I know. Motivation is very hard to deal with. I know because I struggle with it in everything I do, but I’m been on wanikani for like 8 months with no motivation issues. If anything I’ve got more serious about studying recently. Not only using wanikani but many other sites as well. I mean since anime and japanese games have been a hobby of mine for many years, that’s always keeping me interested in the language. Also I have a goal to become fluent by the 2020 olympics.

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I came here to make my first thread but end up getting scolded on what not to do instead ;-----;

I’m about to sit down and try to do 220 because the me of a couple weeks ago made the bad decision to miss reviews while on vacation so I had 350 some reviews today . . .

Edit: I should add that this becomes a lot more feasible due to how I have my reviews set up – reading always immediately followed by meaning. Halves the time of my reviews, and I’m still maintaining 7 - 8 day levels with 96% accuracy. This allows me to knock back the 200 or so reviews I regularly get every day . . .

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