Most lessons done at once?

I just hit 300 lessons in one go.
Been avoiding vocab to level up quicker, so I knocked them all out in a 10 hour session. (Took so long because I have to read every single example sentence to satisfy myself.)
Satisfied now. Not to mention the reviews I’ve been bombarded with while doing the lessons.
Anyone else done this before?


Uhh, I think if I did that I would die. :anguished:


I planned to do all the kanji and radicals first and save vocab for whenever, but I changed my mind

99% chance you just created more work for yourself and shouldn’t really be proud of that, but I guess time will tell.

I think the most i’ve done was around 70.


I’m pretty sure I would get a really awful correct% later if I did that.

Instead I never do lessons and get a really awful correct% anyway!


I don’t really care about how many times i miss because more misses = more practice



Only a bit over a hundred for me, I don’t skip vocab.

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Vocab knowledge is the true end-goal of this program, no?
Skipping vocab can only either:

A) cheat you out of what you came here for, or
B) make you work harder than you would’ve if you hadn’t skipped

The most lessons I’ve ever done has to be whatever levelup 1-25 has the most unlocks at once because I used to do them all immediately. Big lesson batches lead to big review batches though, so I’d recommend not doing this.


I never planned to skip vocab. Just do them whenever I feel like while leveling up.

Regardless of intentions, it’s not possible to have 300 lessons at once unless you’re skipping something.
It’s good that you’re choosing B instead of A though.

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Most was around 60.

I’ve got around 300 now, but I’m chipping away out them and keeping an eye on my Apprentice count.

That’s what I was doing. I was limiting myself to no more than 100 apprentices but I noticed that was going slowly so I hit all of them instead.

It is possible because WaniKani levelling is only based on your Guru-ed radical and kanji… You could also fail all your vocab reviews all the time and still progress on your level.

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I think the most I’ve ever done at once is like 10. :stuck_out_tongue: And even that many was a mistake…

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I’d say 100 apprentices is pretty low. I’m at 221. For me, 160 - 220ish is a pretty good place to be. Any more and I’m swamped, any less and I’m bored.

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Right, so if you start Level 10 kanji+radical lessons while you still have Level 9 vocab lessons then you are skipping vocab. I don’t believe it’s even possible unless you’ve installed the reorder script. If you’ve ever seen people warn against “abusing” said reorder script, skipping vocab like this is what that means.


You can level up in under 7 days and do all your lessons while keeping apprentice count below 100.


250, just sat there and did them all in a row. Took about an hour.

That is quite alot. I can only pull off 12 ish a day if I try without forgetting stuff.
What also sucks is now you will have massive amount of reviews as well lol.
Unless you have some amazing memory I really doubt you will get high percent correct on the reviews.
Wish you best of luck though lol.