Vocab Heavy Lessons

Hi - I just reached level 6 about a week ago and am trying to power through; I have been doing reviews and lessons a few times a day, only the lessons all seem to be vocab which I assume won’t help level progression.

This isn’t a complaint rant, I just wanted to check if this was normal for how WK works in these early levels or all levels for that matter, as remember 1 -5 having a good mix of Kanji and Vocab?


It’s been a while, but every time you go up a level you get a ton of vocab, no? Since you just guru’d a bunch of kanji. Makes sense it’d unlock them.

It usually doesn’t feel that overwhelming, since usually vocab is easier than kanji (actual words vs concepts), but it’s a reason some people use reordering scripts to skip the vocab for a while.


Every time you guru a kanji you get a set of vocab associated with the kanji. And typically the vocab for previous gurud kanji comes before new kanji. It is that way so you just don’t accumulate a bunch of backlog lessons with vocab. Learning kanji is about the readings and you’ll not get a grasp of them without learning associated vocab.


There are around 30-40 kanjis per level and 100-150 vocabs.
If you’re doing the lessons as they come, you will do a lot of kanjis in 2 batches (the second batch after you’ve gurued the radicals).
In between, you will have quite a lot of vocab — because there are about 4 times as many as kanjis.

I am trying a new approach (for me) which I explained there, so I won’t copy and paste it here.

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Thanks very much for these replies, that all seems to make a lot sense. I am doing them as they come so it does seem logical now that there would be more vocab. I’ve no problem doing it this way, I just wanted to make sure it was the norm.


Yes, this is pretty normal. I usually spend the first couple days in a new level learning vocabulary from the previous level. It personally doesn’t bother me, but I can see how it may be annoying to some.

If you’d like you can use a reorder script to learn the new radicals/kanji before you learn the previous level’s vocabulary.


I’m working my way through level 6, almost done with it.

I use this page to see which radicals, kanji, and vocab are included in a level (and to track my progress):


Here’s what my level 6 progress currently looks like:

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Vocab is a great way to really integrate what you have learnt so far. The more that vocab is added in, the more you get to see the kanji and reallllly bury the meaning/reading into your brain.

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Thanks, that’s really handy!

I’ve got a whole lot of grey on mine as I haven’t gotten to the radical / kanji lessons yet.

You got two options if this is a problem for you:

  1. Trust the process (Learn new vocab as you guru kanji)
  2. Screw the process (Omega Reorder Script)

The first will reinforce your understanding of the kanji, give context, and serve as kind of a bonus review of the kanji.

The second will get you to 60 faster, but leave you with a giant pile of vocab lessons you’ll only do once you have B-lined it all the way to 60. (Not Recommended).

Some people use the Reorder script to get a balance of Radicals/Kanji/Vocab too, if that’s what you’re looking for, I believe that’s possible. Personally I like the vanilla WK experience (for the most part).

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