Tired / Burnt Out

There are too many of the same words and I don’t enjoy having 700+ items every day.
When there are too many items it becomes very hard to remember.
I don’t feel like I am making progress.

Sorry to complain but I just hate having so many (reviews) all the time. It isn’t helping me learn and I just want to share my experience in hopes that the experience will be better

Edit: I feel like there is a misunderstanding on how many (edit: reviews) I have an I get each day. This is what my dashboard looks like most of the time


Slow down.

You don’t need to do all the lessons as soon as they’re available. The amount of apprentice items you have is a good starting point for pacing yourself. Generally you see people recommend sticking to 100 or so apprentice items as a maximum, but you can adjust that as you like - if it’s too slow, take on a little more, if 100 is too much, try something like 80.

But as it stands now, just stagger your reviews and stay off the lessons. Do a certain number every day until you work through the pile, that’ll get the return reviews to stagger too and spread out the workload you have now. Then once you’re through this load and you’ve got it to a manageable state, pace yourself. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.


I have slowed down. I am using a re-order script so I don’t have to take vocab to keep getting kanji. I could stop getting new kanji, but it just feels like I have no control over what the app gives me. I would like to be able to choose what lessons to review and focus on instead of working with a pile.

That might not be the best for memory but I just want to have more control over what I am learning rather than feeling like it’s something to deal with

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Yeah, you must be going way to fast. I’m level 21 as well and I don’t think I’ve ever seen over 700 in one day, even after not doing them for a couple weeks. It’s okay to take it slow, there’s no rush.


I am sorry for the misunderstanding.

I have 600-700 lessons in the pile. I only get maybe 50-100 a day because of the spaced repetition.

I have been on wk for over a year and a half, my average per level is something like 2-3 weeks


That is due to the re-order script, nothing to do about that. Though you could hide the number if it is making things hard for you I guess. The vocab won’t disappear with a re-order script as it just re-prioritizes things…

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600 lessons? I think your script might be messing it up a bit. Normally when I get to a new level I won’t see more than 150, unless I put it off for a long time.

My average is around the same, and I just try to do 15 new lessons a day.

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Why are you skipping your vocabulary lessons? Until we know this, I’m not sure we can give really helpful advice. But I’ll share what I can.

If you have 600-700 lessons but have been doing your radical and kanji lessons to level up, it means you’ve skipped vocabulary from at least 5-6 levels. If you want a system that only teaches kanji and no vocabulary, WK is not the best option.

If you have problem remembering your reviews, it might be because the vocabulary lessons you’ve skipped would have helped reinforce the kanji meanings and readings (as well as teach additional readings and nuance of meaning). And then you’d probably be better off focusing on vocabulary lessons only for a while.


It isn’t the re-order script. It’s always been close or more than that even before I used it. If I miss a day or two my reviews explode. I’ve had over 1000 at level 15 in the past because I missed for some time without vacation mode on and I reset to 10

I skip vocab because I just want to move forward and have fewer lessons and take a few when I can.

I have around 270 new lessons.

600-700 is the review pile. The majority of my reviews are vocabs

So you are reordering your reviews, and skipping your review pile? I’m a bit confused. Because you said you only have 50-100 reviews per day. Do you mean you only get that many new?

Oh… So we are talking about reviews after all! The only things I could recommend are slowing things down, and seriously reconsider your stance on vocabulary. The vocab isn’t there so much to expand your vocabulary as it is a way to help reinforce the Kanji and their readings. If you don’t do the vocabulary you will make more mistakes, and thus get more things back in the review pile.

Try to only add new lessons when your apprentice fall under a certain number, and take it easy. Because I’m pretty sure you’re learning less by trying to cram all these kanji without reinforcement and failing them a lot than you would by spreading them over time with all the vocab in between.


Feels like everyone is throwing “You have to change the way you do things” your way, so I’ll just pop in to say your complaints are justified. WaniKani not giving you any freedom over what to learn and when to learn it is a major downside for people that don’t need the “forced structure” it provides. That combined with the vocab not being very useful early on likely played the biggest part in me quitting WaniKani :person_shrugging:

Not saying you should do the same, it’s okay to know WaniKani isn’t perfect in every regard and to keep doing it anyways, just felt like someone had to have your back a little :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have 50-100 new review lessons each day because of the spaced repetition. I posted what my dash looks like above in my OP. I am sorry for the misunderstanding.

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It feels like it is something “to deal with” rather than something I have control over. It feels out of control


It’s definitely true that WK doesn’t work for everyone (heck it doesn’t work for me either, I just do it as supplementary reinforcement because I have lifetime anyway). But if they want to continue using WK and their current method isn’t working, the only way to get a grip on it is indeed changing their methods probably, which is why that’s what we’re recommending.


It seems like OP may be using the terms Lessons and Reviews interchangeably. If you have more than 200 LESSONS available after starting a new level, slow down on reviews and do more lessons, without the re-order script.

If you have more than 200 REVIEWS available, slow down on lessons and do more reviews.

The best way to use a re-order script is to quickly unlock the new radicals and kanji, and then switch to vocabulary. If you use re-order to skip vocab and try to just keep gaining levels without it, you are literally robbing yourself of the service that you are paying for.


Thank you for pointing out the reviews/ lessons clarification.

I have been using the re-order currently to keep the reviews so I have about the same reviews each day to try to keep practicing them.

I could try to stay away from the more current levels while I work through the old stuff

I think the re-order script may be doing more harm than good for you. Are you completing all the vocabulary for previous levels or are they still in your lesson bank? The vocabulary really helps reinforce the Kanji lessons and builds stronger recall. I would highly recommend ditching the reorder script and doing Wanikani lessons in the order they were intended until things feel more manageable to you.


Thank you for your input. I think in progressing kanji, the script isn’t helping and I can slow down.

As far as managing lessons, it makes it easier to focus on the same lessons each day.