"More Information"

When I press F to reveal the correct answer, I always have to click more information to get the full info. It is frustrating because I have to do this every time just for that little bit more info. Why not just show the whole thing?

Because when you ger a reading wrong, clicking on “more information” will also reveal the meaning, and vice versa.

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I understand that but I don’t care about it, I just find it annoying. Just give me all the info as I normally review what I get wrong both English and Japanese. It could be done as an account setting so the user can choose.

Part of what causes the frustration is the the “more information” is often off the bottom on a smaller screen so I have to scroll down to see it and then click it. I average 80-85% so I am repeating this action a lot.

You understand why even if they added the option, this would always be the default, right? Just because you got the reading wrong doesn’t mean you want to check the meaning. I’m sure it would be easy to handle with a script.

Fine make it the default. It may not mean you want to check the meaning but there is zero harm in doing so. It’s all learning.

How about rather than F you hit another key and you get the full info. Just like kaniwani does with different readings

I am not about to get started on scripts. I like options but I don’t like hacks.

What about using the combo F + Spacebar to show all the informations. No extra click !

See the shortcuts during reviews : image

Thankyou. That is definitely an improvement. I hadn’t come across that. Still would prefer a setting or one key ( as I almost always check both especially on new stuff ) but it is better than my current keyflow.

If the meaning hasn’t come up in the reviews yet, there’s no reason to look yet. You’re still going to be tested on it, and the amount that the item goes backwards in your SRS levels is based on how many cumulative wrong you got.

The scripts are sanctioned by the site, with the site-created API… but whatever.


Uber l33t hax0r Leebo strikes again trying to get users to download rfindley’s malware onto their computer.

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A). There may be no reason to look but it does no harm. You have to learn it don’t you? All I am suggesting is that it is easy to make full info an option and people can decide what works for them. Just like whether to play audio is. Doing it this way makes it safe.

B). Approved or not, user scripts are not welcome on my computer and they definitely aren’t for non-techs.

For this reason you need to show proof of a bachelors degree or higher in software engineering or higher before downloading.

Awhile back someone tried to mess with an “ignore answer” script and messed something up. The result was that rather than undoing the answer, it undid their entire operating system. Everyone who used it had windows/OSX/linux uninstalled from their computers and it caused a big fiasco.


I have a BSc in computing but it was only a 2:2 so they wouldn’t let me download it.

However, I did hear about the ignore answer fiasco. Apparently it only affected those users who were trying to use the site with one hand.

If I’m understanding correctly then what you want is to be able to say see the meaning information if you got the reading wrong? If so, then the obvious reason why that’s a bad idea is that you may not yet have been quizzed on the meaning. So it does actually do harm to your learning if you go and look at what the meaning is before you’ve been quizzed on it.

As far as userscripts go, many users including myself use them regularly and they’re all built using the site’s official api. The people that write them tend to be very smart and helpful people. Saying they aren’t for “non-techs” is nonsense considering they’re easy to install and if you do a simple search you should be able to find a thread by Mempo showing exactly how to install and use them. If it’s security you’re worried about, I have never heard of any of the scripts ever being malicious.


Everyone’s individual. From my perspective I disagree on both counts but I can understand others will agree with you. After all you are given both meaning and reading in the lesson.

It’s clearly something that’s bugging me enough to post on the subject even if I am in a minority of one.


Worth noting that by not cheating and looking at the answer to a review you haven’t done, it will force you to think of the answer on your own which will aid your memory.

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I just want to point out to @Leebo and @Borx that many scripts are not built using the official API. For example, the very popular Ignore and Reorder scripts insert themselves into the site’s code to change how the site works. This is why some of these scripts occasionally cause major issues for their users (emphasis on occasionally). This is not a criticism (my scripts are built this way as well), but this is the reality of how some scripts work.

I don’t see how it “does no harm”. I guess only in the sense that no harm will come to you no matter how you use WK. If someone just checks the info before each review and never learns anything, they won’t be harmed.

But you’re not testing yourself on that part of the item during that session for no apparent reason.


I should have worded my post better, but what I meant was anything that’s accessing your account data is pulling the information from the api. There are probably exceptions, but usually that’s the case.