Suggestion for Review...hints button?

Pleeeaassee? Haha. Maybe it drops you a smaller percentage if you get it right after the hint than if you got it wrong, and you can only use a hint once per review, or per character…It would be a mnemonic hint.

Getting them wrong is good for you. Think of it as another opportunity to reinforce what you don’t know well enough. :slight_smile:


It really helps to get things wrong. Rather than seeing your reviews as an exam, see it as a way to measure whether your tested review items are at the level they are supposed to be for you. If you get extra hints for those, the results would be muddled.


I’m not against the idea of having a hint button, with only one condition: if you click that button, your answer for that item will be marked wrong.


Or just get it wrong and move on? This sounds like wanting to cheat the SRS. You’re not going to have perfect recall every time and that’s okay. In an SRS you are expected to get things wrong now and again.

Just take the hit and use that as an opportunity to brush up for the next review. Means you probably should have studied it more in the learning phase.


I think what you are looking for is the IGNORE button. May I introduce you to the wonderful world of third party API scripts.

Ctrl + F… search keyword “ignore”. Download and enjoy. Don’t forget you need the open framework script installed and you will need tampermonkey installed for all of it.

What indicated they wanted an ignore script?


You’re right, I’ll keep on :slight_smile: There is the smallest morsel of “If I just saw a hint right now, then this moment where I got the hint and what it was will be sealed in my brain to remember this kanji”…yet “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” I think applies more, and I would retract my question, but leaving it up for the sake of conversation :slight_smile:


If you there is no hint option you can just answer the card wrong, read the information, and repeat the card as usual. That’s one application.

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