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  1. You learn both meaning and reading in the lesson. You have seen both.
  2. You get tested in a review for either and you get it wrong.
  3. You press F to see what both the meaning and reading are.

That is all I am suggesting.

I’m not cheating by looking before I enter an answer. That function is disabled so I can’t check before a review, only after entering the wrong answer. It’s just that I want to see both meaning and reading before I move on to the next review.

You’re still missing why this is a problem. You aren’t quizzed on the meaning and reading at the same time. If you get one wrong that’s only half of your review of that item. By seeing both the meaning and reading information at the same time you’re seeing the answer before the question. That would be the same as going and looking at all of your upcoming review items right before a review to refresh your memory. You haven’t proven that you’ve learned it and you’re going against the srs system. This is just going to hurt your learning of the item. Instead you should do both meaning and reading and after you’ve finished your review session go look at the items you got wrong on their pages. It’s more work from your standpoint, but you’re learning Japanese here. It’s not an easy process.


Not to mention that the website’s default design is not perfect. No human being can create a perfect design. Sometimes, people might even disagree with the default. Userscript is here to fix it.

For example, I would advise No cigar to anyone, to prevent shouldn’t-be-accepted typo.


I understand what you are saying but it’s not a problem for me. Both halves don’t follow each other ( except randomly ) so I am almost always having to recall, guess or work out.

As for not easy. Understatement.

PS It looks like some scripts mess with SRS. Ignore answer lets you skip a wrong answer how is that any better.

You misunderstand the point of ignore answer and you are trying to use it to defend your point. Nice.

Ignore answer is for mistypes. It has nothing to do for what you say. If it WAS used like you think it is, that would be cheating, much like looking at the answer for meaning/reading when you haven’t been quizzed on it yet.

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I haven’t used it ( or any script ) I can only go by the description and it says it gives you a chance to correct wrong answers not just typos. So you can game the SRS method.

It seems that many answers here say there is only one way of doing things but there are usercripts to do other ways.

Anyway enough, I’ve been given a workable solution and this isn’t helping my learning either.

The override script is intended for typos that you don’t want knocking an item down a bunch of srs levels. Can you imagine having a burn item and a typo making it go all the way down to Guru? If someone abuses the script, that’s on them.

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Your lack of comprehension baffles me. Is that what you got out of this?

Looking at answer beforehand bad.

Remembering item on your own good.


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It’s not that I don’t comprehend it’s just that my way works better for me. Just as some use scripts to improve their learning process. Jeez, one size does not fit all.

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