More Context Sentences

Vocabulary on levels 1-10 now have three unique context sentences!

We’ll be slowly rolling out more sentences for all of the vocabulary words on the site. Probably in sets of ten levels like today.

If you see any issues or typos in the new sentences please email them to so we can fix them ASAP.

That is all. :crab: :heart: :crocodile:


Thank you!!!


:crab: :heart: :crocodile: Thank you!


Me half a hour ago was like:

“Maybe I’m just dumb and it was always like this. But damn, I know all the Kanji. Were the context sentences always this good? Bah, go to sleep JP.”

Plot twist: I’m still awake.


Thank you, Kristen!

They’re fantastic! (I perused a few tonight.)
I’m looking forward to looking through them for extra grammar practice.

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In light of the new context sentences, I’ve decided to update this script to really bring them to the forefront.

The original script was created by @nelemnaru with the help of @rfindley. I edited it for my own (narrow) use, so it broke a lot of features that I didn’t care about.

The only feature that can easily be tweaked is whether the sentences show up on ‘meaning’ questions. By default, they only show up during ‘reading’ questions (the way I prefer).

The one thing it adds: switching between all the sentences for the given vocabulary with little arrows above the sentence. Now we can read all the sentences that WaniKani provides during the review!

You can find my version here: WaniKani Choose Context Sentences in Reviews


You should create your own new topic, so that you can get feedbacks and get notified by default. Also, to tell that it is actively supported.

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I thought about doing that… but I don’t really want the responsibility of actively supporting it :sweat_smile:

Yayayay! This is great news :slight_smile:

This is awesome, thank you so much :heart:

I wonder if the sentences could appear after you finish a certain item. I just tried it and I end up trying to translate the sentence before even giving the answer. What happens is that no whether I know the item or not, I will get the meaning through the translation, which technically can be “cheating”.

I use a script that takes me to the next prompt as soon as I hit submit once (provided I answered correctly) so I broke the show-after-correct functionality the script originally had and never fixed it.

I’m a pretty big lurker around here and I see you post a lot of quality posts – so just for you, I decided to fix that functionality! :smile:

If you update the script, you’ll find that you can now change a setting at the top of the code to only show sentences after you have correctly guessed the prompt. I put some other settings there too – they’re pretty self explanatory. Note: If I ever update the script again, all the settings will revert to default.

I also added a feature: clicking on a sentence will pin it to the bottom on of the answer box. If you’re putting the sentences in another SRS or perhaps just compiling a few for some type of review, you can just copy and paste all of the pinned sentences in one go. Just make sure you remember to do that before you are taken away to the Review Summary.

I wanted to have the pinned sentences show up in the Review Summary instead, but it was a lot of work to get the data to persist between pages… Maybe when I have more time :frowning:

If I ever actually get that working, it’ll probably be time to make a thread for the script… :sweat_smile:

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I really appreciate your work! This is very good already, no worries :slight_smile: I’m already using it ^^

And sorry for answering only now :frowning:

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