More Context Sentences for Levels 11-20


Vocabulary on levels 11-20 now have three unique context sentences!

As promised, we’re still working on slowly rolling out more sentences for all of the vocabulary words on the site.

If you see any issues or typos or general weirdness with the new sentences please email them to me at and I’ll get them fixed ASAP.


Keep burning those durtles turtles.

:heart: Kristen

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Why the rush?

Thank you ma’m


Lovely! =D


Hurrah! Cheers for that.


Just in time before I level up to 11! I mean, 8…


I was very surprised to see only one sentence after level 10 and now I am so happy to hear this. Thank you, I always love reading those sentences, they are helpful for remembering the vocabulary indeed.


i want a durtle… :durtle: now i feel better