[SCRIPT] Add Context To Testing Material

hello everyone.

TLDR: adds example sentences for vocab, adds example word for kanji


I found it frustrating to test sometimes after my long vacation from wanikani (1700 reviews when i came back). I thought about how its so unnatural to see some kanji and some vocab by themselves. When we see them usually they have context such as being in a sentence. So i developed this tamper monkey script to just use the example sentences given by wanikani and add it to the test screen.


  • Looks at color of test item to determine kanji or vocab
  • Makes a ajax call to get the respective wanikani url and parses to get the context info.
  • Appends a random context with the word/kanji surrounded with brackets.
  • Code isnt the greatest since its just a 1 day project.

Let me know what you think.


First of all. Congrats!! One of the main reason why probably I remain without dodging WK and totally going the Anki way (where the rest of my SRS is) are this nifty additions users come up.:yum:

I don’t know how much context it provides, in terms of how much these sentences are using the previous vocab. But, some real examples are for sure welcomed!.

That been said, and I hope it doesn’t look like a shameless plug :relaxed:, you could look into the routine I do, there’re are tools in there to take into account the previous vocab, making the sentences more i+1 … I don’t know how much these tools can integrate into WK… lacking any programming skills :sweat_smile: … but I think that’s a most needed change over sample sentences provided (or a highly benefitial one at least).

All this time into WK I’m learning more and more how programming is much more useful a language than japanese… what I’m still doing here ?? :rofl::rofl:

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Oh wow that is quite a detailed guide. Lots of pictures and step by step instructions.

I have noticed my accuracy and retention is a lot better when i can figure out these words from the sentences provided from wanikani. Overtime I might want to add sentences from tatoeba.

Haha, programming is my day job and japanese is my nightly hobby

may I ask… how the sample words are provided? In terms of frecuency.
There are some great frecuency lists, for example this one, so words have a better chance to apear on anyones readings more sooner than later.

For now i just used what was provided by wanikani.

for https://www.wanikani.com/kanji/贅, the script would use “贅沢”

Oh, so the scrip is using vocab available here in WK.

but is not that vocab already provided in the lessons? like in the last tab of the lessons?.

EDIT: ohhh, but not in the reviews perhaps … :thinking:

This mainly worked for me because i had 1700 reviews. So I did not remember a lot of the vocab.
Im still beta testing what sources to use. For now wanikani was simple enough. Ill look into the links you provided.

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Maybe you could add an image describing what the script does?

An Image Is in the link I provided, but ur right, I can upload the pics here.

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