List of Contextual Sentences

Does anyone know if there is a way to access a listing of the contextual sentences used in WaniKani? I would like to practice reading using the vocabulary I am using and I would like to create a study guide using the sentences in WaniKani.


If I’m not mistaken, I think the context sentences are not included in the API, likely because the sentences are all original content, so that may be gray territory

I did find this thread about a WK Context Sentence deck in Anki though, not sure if it’s similar to what you’d want:

I think you can also import Anki decks to if you prefer checking out that layout

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Thank you for the speedy reply! I don’t use Anki but maybe I will just work on creating my own sentences and using HiNative to check them with native speakers. I was really hoping to batch practice with the sentences because I kinda sped through them during the lessons. I’ll take a look at too.

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They are in the API now, due to a recent change. They are subject to Terms and Conditions, though.

If you have Open Framework installed, you can get a list via the javascript console.
There are 10,800 sentences.

var context_sentences;
	context_sentences = [].concat.apply([],items.filter(i=>i.object=='vocabulary').map(i=>

That puts all of them in a variable called context_sentences. What you do with them after that depends on the format you want them in for easy manipulation.


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