Example sentences while answering review items?

Are there any existing userscripts that will drop one or more example sentences into the review window for vocabulary? I’m thinking right above, or right below the kanji being displayed.

There are certain words that I just learned wrong and have turned into steady leeches. I think that context reinforced by reading sentences might help to unlearn to the wrong answer. And I don’t see how this could really be construed as cheating as long as there’s no translation for the sentence on the review screen as you are answering.



This is the only script that comes to my mind, but the context sentence completely replaces the vocabulary question. Instead, the script highlights the vocabulary within the sentence, which seems to sometimes not work correctly.

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That’s very interesting, but would also make the reviews kind of mind-boggling.

Yes, me too.

Still looking for a script only with sentences with words covering until my current level

every new lesson I never look at the sentences because they show several words I dont know the meaning.

That’s a problem that slowly gets better. Especially the more you use the context sentences. I wrote this a few months ago. Even when I can’t get the entire sentence it can help solidify a word, especially some of the more troublesome ones with the abstract meanings.

Show Simple Context Sentences

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this was the script I was looking for, because the other wanikani context script replaces the words in the review for sentences.

This one shows only in the bottom

And it is really true about abstract reamings, example there are several words for work or action, I always make mistake when I dont know a sentence to include in a situation.

This one will be useful!

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