New People Questions! ~~~<3 [Lost?! Confused?! We're here to help!]

Thank you! Now I understand :smile:

You’re welcome!

Hi everyone. I’m on level 3 right now and my dashboard shows me at 100% for my level 3 radicals and kanji. Am I not being allowed to go up to level 4 because I haven’t become a paid member yet? I figured I would get some sort of clear indication from WaniKani that I have done enough to level up, but need to become a paid member to be allowed to go on.

One other question: is leveling up purely based on knowing that level’s radicals and in turn guruing the kanji or is vocabulary knowledge factored in as well?

To “level up”, you must get 90% of kanji in guru status. Since about half of the kanji depends on getting all your radicals guru’d, it implies that your radicals should also be guru’d. None of the vocabulary is required to be guru’d before levelling up.

Be warned that the whole point of learning kanji is to be able to read some words. Kanji is usually added on to other kanji or hiragana to make a word. If you were to merely learn “-ing”, “-ed”, “pre-”, “post-”, “-tion” etc in English, you would never learn any words.

You need to buy a subscription to access level 4.

Hi guys - I could have sworn there was an update thread saying there were new context sentences for the first ten levels - but I can’t find it anywhere now! Can anyone point me there? I wanted to say that one of the sentences for “whole life” (isshou) was “わたしの父は、しぬまで一生どくしんでした。
He remained single all his life.” Shouldn’t it be “my father” instead of “he”?

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Thank you very much, rfindley :blush: I sent a quick email. Not even sure if it was one of the new sentences, but oh well!

u need to undergo tutorial first


hey everyone,
I’m a level 1 beginner and I juste learned the vocab 下がる, I’m confused about
the reading vs pronunciation because the audio file is saying “saNAru” although it’s a “ga” dakuten.
Is someone could explain me this ?

thanks a lot

It sounds like that because the speaker isn’t using a “hard” G like you might hear in “Gate.” Instead, it’s more like the soft G you see in “thing.”

A lot of japanese words seem to soften or roll (not a linguist, so I don’t know the exact terms) the G’s. You get used to it.

It’s a dialect

The Tokyo dialect, to be specific. Very commonly heard.

All right, thanks !

Hi, I am a new people :>
I’m uh… quite confused. What should I be using to supplement WaniKani? How do I remember all this stuff?

Howdy. If you are new to Japanese, it can seem quite random and difficult to grasp. You should definitely also be using a textbook or general resource of some kind to help with the overall language learning, because WK focuses on one narrow element, reading kanji.

As for the how of remembering things here, try to use the mnemonics.

But once you have some kind of footing in the general language basics, you’ll need to supplement WK and your textbook with level-appropriate reading and listening material, or the words you’ve learned will just fade away.

Good luck.

These links are really helpful. :blush:

Are there any extensions or anything that I can use to make this first level go faster? It’s so annoyingly slow >.>

No. It only takes a little more than 3 days to get to level 2. In the grand scheme of things it’s not slow.

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Woah, really? Nice! Thanks, sorry for all of my dumb questions ^-^