Monolingual cards. Anki experts, help!

Hello everyone.

I’ve had the idea of transforming my current Anki deck into monolingual for quite some time. It didn’t made much sense when I wasn’t reading much, as my understanding was low whether it was books or dictionary entries.

Some of the dictionaries I have in quollibri are somewhat simpler than the rest, and I get a lot of definitions already, so I will like to give it a shot at removing english gradually from my cards.

So with that in mind I would like to ask for some advice on to how to change my current cards into J-J cards

Currently they look like this on the back side.

There’s the additional field for J-Definition. So I would like that only If that card has something in that field… then It shows me that jp definition instead of the english definition (and maybe hide the translated subs as well) :sweat_smile:

Does someone knows how it can be done?

Here is a sample of the card style I’m using.

I’m not an Anki expert, but it seems you need this:

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:joy::joy: … I was surprised to see so many Anki related answers redirected to reading the manual in the past…

But the answer shure was there :grinning:

I will read it carefully and see how it goes, as most of my current it’s copy/pasted from another card-styles, not necessarily understanding much of whats really happening, so hopefully I won’t screw it.


If you change the backside of your card to this, it should hide the vocab translation only if there is something in the J-Definition field.

<div class='jpsentence furigana'>{{furigana:Expression}}
{{^J-Definition}}<span class=vocabkana>{{Vocab-Kana}} </span> 
<span class=vocabtrans> → {{Vocab-Translation}} </span>{{/J-Definition}}
{{#J-Definition}}<div class=jdef>{{J-Definition}}</div>{{/J-Definition}}
{{#Part-of-Speech}}<span class=pos>[{{Part-of-Speech}}] {{/Part-of-Speech}}<span class=notesprod>{{Notes-Vocab-in-Expression}}</span></span>
<div class=ensentence>{{Sentence-Translation}}</div>


{{#Kanji-WK}}<div><strong>Kanji-WK:</strong> {{Kanji-WK}} {{/Kanji-WK}}


 b { background-color:transparent }
 .nofurigana ruby rt { opacity:1;}

By the way, I only learned about this Anki feature a few days ago - after I followed your guide for Subs2SRS and Morphman! Thanks for the guide!


Thanks a lot. I will try it as soon a I get home.

About the guide, I still see it as great combination of tools, of which I’m only scratching the suface; I’m sure if both Subs2Srs and Morhpman were a bit more intuitive and multiplatform someone already would have come up with a terrific tool, without the perks that all the content ripping has.

I have no idea what that means but it looks good

it works!!!


(though could I stretch your kindness a bit more and ask, how can I take out the translated sentence, or better yet, dim it to 0? :pray:)


The opacity of the translated sentence is set here:

  font-family: Arial;
  font-size: 16px;
  opacity: 0.2;

Just change opacity to a lower value like for example 0.01 (or just 0). However, then it can still be shown when hovering the mouse cursor over it. If you want a different behavior I need to look into it a bit more (or maybe somebody else on here can help you out).

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:sweat_smile: … should have explained myself better. I mean how to associate a new oppacity value if there’s a j-definition present. :nerd_face:

This should do it (one line added):

 b { background-color:transparent }
 .nofurigana ruby rt { opacity:1;}
{{#J-Definition}}.ensentence {opacity: 0;}{{/J-Definition}}

(at the end of the card backside definition)

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I’m really considering programming languages my next thing after japanese !!! … they bring so much happiness!!:star_struck::star_struck:


And if you also want to disable the showing on mouse hover, you can add another line:

 b { background-color:transparent }
 .nofurigana ruby rt { opacity:1;}
{{#J-Definition}}.ensentence {opacity: 0;}
.ensentence:hover {opacity: 0;}{{/J-Definition}}
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ohh, no… that doesn’t hurt nobody… :hugs:

that showing on mouse hover function has been one of the greatest breakthroughs for my Anki routine. I wonder why doesn’t every japanese app have one of those… I used to manually :cold_sweat: delete furigana from known kanji in my cards…

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