Mondly Japanese on Android?


I apologise in advance if there’s already a review on the forum for this app (I searched before posting), but I was just wondering if anyone has the paid version and can say if it’s worth the price or not?

Thank you! :slight_smile:


I am also curious to know! Ive used some of the free levels but it’s not enough for me to tell if I’m ready to commit.


There’s also apparently a VR app for in if you’re using the gear or oculus! I haven’t been able to try it yet though because it… needs an XBOX controller… !!!


If I had an Oculus I’d try it. It seems weird that it would need a controller to go with it? Is the app by Mondly?



Anyone tried the app yet? :o lol I’m too cheap to pay for things besides WK…


@Aemaeth Each segment on the touch bar is a post of yours that I have open in a different window… I am slowly working my way through all of them. Give up now.

Also, on topic, I was going to buy that app, but apparently some lessons have mistakes and they are really slow… so no ty, I’ll stick to all the stuff I’ve already spent money on :laughing:


ah, thank you.



I’ll die when you finally accept that nobody loves you more than me :kissing_heart: