Any good Apple apps? (iPhone, iWatch, iPad, mac)

Does anyone have any good app recommendations? Doesn’t have to be free, as long as it is good =)

I’m using the AlliCrab app, and loving it! unfortunately the other one (named WaniKani), which also has a iWatch application, doesn’t work for me (crashes on log inn)

I’ve used an app simply named “Japanese” a lot. Believe it cost a bit, but very worth it! Uses the same repeat system as WaniKani reviews but without input (you decide whether or not you did it right), and doesn’t have lessons (introduces new items based on how many on lowest you have bumped up to next stage)

I also downloaded anki this week, but not sure where to start. Thinking of trying the big set recommended in the pinned topic.

I’ve also used iKanji and iKana. I do like those as well. Believe they cost a tiny bit, but not sure, had them for so long.

I downloaded and tried a whole bunch of free apps when I first got my phone (two years ago) but really only used the ones mentioned above, never took to any of the others.

Most noteworthy on iPad, other than possibility to use most, maybe all of the above, is the “Graded Readers”. I have all the physical books and all the apps (they are not the same ones, though made by the same people =) ) Also found a few similar apps that seems to have been made for Japanese Children. Including a Lion King app where you can change the language! Not made for language learning, but it works. Has a tendency to jump a bit too fast (it’s an interactive story book, you don’t always get to control the speed =/ )

I want the WaniKani app, but have no luck yet. It’s still in progress so I hope they get it working for us soon =)
Also tried Nemo. Seems a bit too basic and not sure if I like it. I’ve done so many “most basic vocab” ones I probably won’t learn much from it. And it plays the sound on the phone, making the watch app useless, since you can’t use it with you phone tucked away in your pocket.
Would be nice with an app that gives you either random vocab when looking at watch or does flash cards, for easy access when there is a short minute at work with nothing to do. Taking up the phone isn’t always agreeable, but fiddling with the watch while waiting isn’t as noticeable. My work place have a lot of dead time :wink:

It depends on what level you’re at but some great suggestions are Human Japanese + the intermediate version. Absolutely worth the money to know the basics and give yourself a refresher when away from text books.
Tae Kim’s grammar guide will always get a mention.

Imiwa? is my favourite iPhone dictionary. Does everything I need it to, even stroke orders.

And one I don’t see recommended too often, GENKI Conjugation by the Japan Times - really good to use early on when conjugation is a really confusing minefield. Gets in that essential practice when reading native material is still too difficult.

Extras: Memrise, Google Translate, HiNative

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For iPhone, I have to say I’d recommend going with ‘Midori’ instead of ‘imiwa?’. It costs about 10$, but is amazing resource with 3 dictionaries (general eng-jp jp-eng, names and examples were you can search just for those), definitions with correlation to usage and animated (and not) writing guide for every kanji. It is well worth the 10$. It is also cleaner and a bit faster. I have both, as ‘imiwa?’ has useful translations to other languages than English, but I usually only look to Midori for my dictionary needs :slight_smile:

For a basic program (first one) it still seems to add quite a bit, promising to keep itself interesting with cultural notes and being warm, funny and interesting (or so they said =P ). They sell a bundle with both, and having lots on sentences rather than just words makes them worth it anyway =)
So I’m trying out that one, thanks! =D

As far as where my level is, well, all over the place to be honest ^^;
I’ve fiddled with everything rather than immerse in one, over 15 years now. Asperger + ADD makes it hard to stick with it =P
Which is why I feel I’ve done the basics enough time, always ends up trying a new book/program and they all start there :wink:
I’ve reached a point where I’m able to read and understand level 0 and 1 of the Graded readers. Could understand enough of level 2 to read through it, but found it harder. So I’m doing books with translations and explanations instead for now. (Japanese Readers Collection Volume 1, also have 2-5)

I will take a look at the other suggestions too. I do recognize the name of some of them, have downloaded them but not used much, but kept them (programs I disliked got deleted): Tae Kim’s, Imiwa?, memrise, Google Translate. I’ll sort them to my recommended folder and see if I can give them more focus =)

GENKI Conjugation sounds good! Grabbing it too =)
Most of my apps have not included conjugated forms, only teach/drill you on the basic form. so that is needed! =D

HiNative seems different, based on questions and answers rather than direct learning, will be useful if there is something specific i want to know, or look at other peoples post to find interesting tid bits 8and basic version is free. Don’t like that the paid version is monthly though)

It seems to be very similar, and same price range, as the app simply called “Japanese”. but it is my most used app by far, and 10$ really isn’t much if you actually use it. So I’ll put it together with that app and see if it might complement each other =)

Yeah I only really use HiNative to use the “difference between X and Y” question feature. As you usually get a reply real quick.
But good luck with it all! I owe a lot of practice to my phone.

I’m trying to sort my apps, not including the iPad books here though and might have missed some. Tried to upload via outside source but it didn’t want to cooperate today ^^;
It’s always good to have a visual of what you are looking for, if others want to look for them as well =)

Any comment on sorting or opinions on any one of these programs are welcomed =)
I’m considering making a separate folder for the apps used for flash cards only.

I find it is SO much easier to grab my phone than a book. Though I try to make a habit of using my books, I have spent countless hours on my apps and only a very few on the books (at least in comparasent. Number of hours on the books are high enough, just nothing compared to the Japanese app, which is my most used one. And WaniKani seems to keep my attention quite well =) )

Have you tried installing WaniKani on iPad. I tried and succeeded, but the screen size was designed for iPhone, though. Reorder script is very useful.

I also used to use “Japanese” too when I owned a iPhone. I paid for it and I loved it. It is also in Android, but I didn’t like Android version. Android version is free.

I use it a lot a work when there’s not really a whole lot else going on :sweat_smile: shh, getting paid to learn

My iPad installs all apps I add to iPhone, if it also works on iPad. But I only got the Allicrab, not the WaniKani app. I even looked for it in the app store, can’t see it on my iPad.
Maybe it is regional locked? I’m from Norway.

I use Noteability on my iPad and have pdf versions of all of my physical books which I can then work in with my Apple Pencil and highlight to my hearts content, while keeping all my physical books in good condition. I also use Noteability to keep copies of my old tests and grammar notes which I can erase/reuse etc. I use Genki, Basic Kanji, and graded readers. I also have Genki audio and videos converted to mp4s stored on my google drive that I use the GoogleDrive app to access and listen to/watch on my iPad. I like the Allicrab app for Wanikani on my iPad and I use the Genki self study room on The Japan Times website for conjugation practice. That’s kinda my method right now. I am usually studying late at night while my baby takes forever to fall asleep, so having a portable, backlit screen is really working for me right now.

Another recommendation for Human Japanese (beginner and intermediate apps).

For kanji:
Besides AlliCrab, I also like Kanji Quizzer. Good to practice your kanji from time to time.

For vocab:
I am grateful to both Anki and Both use SRS for studying, like Wanikani.

For dictionaries:
You will find both of these to be extremely good choices: either ‘imiwa?’ or the simply named ‘Japanese’.


Yes! More people that have used Human Japanese! Even though it has been said multiple times in this thread, I have to agree, since it was what I used when I first started learning Japanese (for the second time, I took lessons the first time which I hated).

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Yeah, I really love Human Japanese so far! Well worth the money =^-^=
I downloaded Kanji Quizzer, looks interesting =)

I have Anki and imiwa?; and the one named Japanese is probably my most used app! I really love the one, both as dictionary and flashcards with srs system (I’ve used the pre made sets a lot!)

The iKnow app looks good, but I really don’t like monthly charges (I went for life time on WaniKani before finishing my 3 free lessons :wink: ) so probably wont download it, unless they too have a lifetime option.

[quote=“Toyger, post:15, topic:17140”]
unless they too have a lifetime option.[/quote]

They do. However, it’s best to wait for their seasonal deals to get Lifetime at a great price. I’ve got mine for $130 from the current $222 (24,800 yen).

You can learn Chinese (traditional or simplified) and Advanced English with the same subscription, if you’re up it.

Good! =D
Do you remember what time of year you bough, or if you have seen other time they also keep such bargains? =)

And yeah, the fact that Chinese is included is a fun bonus =^-^=
Though I probably won’t go all the way with Chinese, it would be fun to learn some basics =)

Human Japanese really is great! I wish it was there when I first started out :slight_smile: And I’m still wishing they’d make more higher level stuff, I’d be all up for that.

iKnow worked well for me and I liked how it looked too, but I can’t afford anymore subscription apps at the moment, to be honest :smiley: So… I quit it.

Hmm, if I remember correctly, I’ve got mine during the start of Japanese school in April. I’ve seen them doing promos during Summer, Fall, and also during Christmas. The deals are being aimed at both Japan (for English learning) and for the West (for Japanese and Chinese learning).

Ok, thanks! I’ll try keep a look at it =)
I’ll download it then, and maybe get notified about a deal if I’m lucky =^-^=