Mobile app lessons error

On mobile, after learning your 5 new lessons and start your quiz, only your final learnt lesson’s picture is shown.

The quiz seems to going how is should be but the picture of the radical, kanji or vocab shown is always your final one of the 5. This makes it a really annoying guessing game.

This does not occur on the website however.

Which mobile app are you using?


None of the apps are official. So, there should be more info identifying which one it is.

There is no official WK app. They’re all third party. Unless you mean the mobile browser version of the website?

I had no idea they were unofficial 3rd party clients! :o

This looks like [Client App] WaniKani for Android, which has been discontinued.

Another option for Android is [Android] Flaming Durtles - Android app with offline support, which is still very much supported and constantly being improved upon by the creator. I use it, too, would recommend!

Otherwise you can find other options at the bottom of the list, here: The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps


Wasn’t this app taken off the Google Play store? Where do people keep finding it? Side-loading from somewhere?


The OP is level 48. Presumably downloaded it long ago, and removed apps don’t get deleted off your phone.

Ah, didn’t notice the level. I swear there’ve been a few low levelers asking about the same app fairly recently though. But, I suppose I was just blind there too. Or, they could have installed ages ago, but just recently started really using WK. :thinking:


Yeah, I feel like this is at least the third person who have asked this same type of question, and it ends up being the old WK app. It refuses to die.

It’s persistent and pretty common outside of the forums as well. I regularly get people in email who either confuse my app with one of the old ones, or who think my app is official in some way.

The old app will inevitably stop working completely on September 1st. So in September we’ll get one more wave of ‘why won’t the WaniKani app work anymore?’, and then it will probably become less of a problem.

It’s very annoying that one of the old apps has a name that suggests/implies that it is official…


It really makes WaniKani look bad. Thankfully its harder to find now, but still surely some folks who have issues and abandon WK thinking its some garbage. And potentially go bad mouthing it to others. WK should have done something back in the day about it. Maybe they tried?

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My app provides an error message saying “wanikani is not accepting your api token. Did you give your api token the correct permissions”

How do I give the 4 required permissions to the api token? There’s only a link to the account settings page in the api settings.

I don’t know it they did, but from a legal point of view, they could have argued for a trademark violation. Trademarks are primarily defended to avoid confusion among customers, and this kind of confusion is a prime example of why trademarks are useful and important and legally enforceable.

But these old apps were created so long ago, I suspect the WK folks just didn’t expect this kind of confusion to be relevant back then. The online world has changed a lot since then. Plus, getting rid of a trademark violation usually requires expensive lawyers and is often seen as a bad PR move if the target is an individual or a very small company/group.

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Click on that link. From the account settings page you can create a new token, and there you can also set the permissions.

I recognise your profile picture and username. I used the forums a little back in 2018 and saw you replying to a lot of different posts. You were always around 10 levels ahead of me or so. What happened?

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I’ve reached level 60 twice and reset back a few times. Though I haven’t progressed much since the last reset (and probably won’t for a while anyway).


Yep. That’s what I’m wondering. It was years ago, when the team was smaller, and presumably less financially secure. Entirely possible they asked the dude to change the name of the app, and dude told WK to suck it. At which point, can the afford to fight it? Is it worth it in the long run?

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