Glitch in Lesson Quiz, Kanji not updating

This started maybe a week ago, perhaps with the recent update? When doing my lessons on my android and progressing to the quiz, the displayed vocab/kanji does not change. The same vocab will be displayed and i keep getting it wrong, but when i review the correct answer it isnt matching the vocab displayed. Seems to be working fine on my computer though, and reviews on my phone is also working fine. I hope that makes sense, and thanks for the help.

Which app are you using? Or is this on the mobile website?

Same here :frowning:

Im using the WK app, if thats what you mean. I didnt know there was more than one, is there something specific i should look for?

I was using WK for Android and experiencing same issues. Seems that the kanji/vocab displayed is different than the real requested.
I suggest using other apps since WK app uses the API v.1 which is going to sunset in September.

Flaming Durtles uses the V2 API and is available here:

It even has offline support and other userscript inspired features!

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There is no official app for WK, and I think one of the apps is using the soon-to-be unusable API v1. I think I read somewhere it’s soon to be unsupported.

As @FaulPern mentioned, Flaming Durtles might be a good alternative.

Thanks everyone, that fixed it and makes sense. Didn’t realize there was no official app, interesting.

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