Can't do new lessons on mobile

Hello. I tried doing new lessons today, but when I input the correct answer it counts it as incorrect, instead bringing up the information for a completely different word. I can’t upload a picture, but to explain it, it shows me 新しい and asks for the English answer. I type “new,” it marks it as incorrect, then brings up the information for 和食.

What platform? Are you using a browser? Or are you using an app? If an app, which one? (All the apps are user-created). This information would help to figure out who you would need to tell.

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Might be talking about the WK for WaniKani app for mobile? I had the same issue with some new lessons this morning, where the displayed Kanji would not refresh, so every input would be counted as a mistake since the actual data wouldn’t match the picture anymore.

Looks like the last update was in 2017, so it’s probably just not up to date anymore.


The apps are not official, and if it’s for android then there is flaming durtles:) That one uses API2 :smile:


I was gonna go for just using my web browser instead, but I’ll give those flaming durtles a try ^^


Ahhh okay, yes it’s WK for Wanikani. It makes sense now knowing it’s an unofficial app. Thanks!


@Fanglets You could mark one of these comments as a solution so other users know your problem has been solved before even opening the topic!

Ah, I don’t really use the forums so I didn’t know that, sorry!

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If you have iOS, check out Tsurukame. That seems to be the overall most-favored WK app available there

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And the only still-updated one…

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