Missing Level Badges?

I am just writing to see if I can see my Level 60 Gold badge.

Hmm this says I don’t have a badge (flair), but I think I do?



Special free group thing? :open_mouth: Do you have access to this page? (if I got the url right) https://community.wanikani.com/g/level-60-free

Screenshot 2021-07-15 at 17.54.23

Famous last words @glitchhhhh

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They will be gone again, soon enough


Yeah, I do. Guess it’s just a visual bug.

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Does it say how many members there are? :eyes: if you don’t mind checking

I see your badge. Maybe log out and back in?

  1. How about on lifetime if that’s what you are on? Then there’s the monthly 60s but probably not many.

Edit: Yes Discourse, that’s the formatting I wanted.

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Now I can see the right part of my neck bow :eyes:

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Yes, it’s fixed.
I know some people asked about a purple level 60 but the gold supersedes it if you’re at level 60.


Hooray! Thanks for such a swift fix. :partying_face:

Thanks for checking it for me :grin: There’s 984 on lifetime :eyes: And 392 on paid as of yesterday, according to @ekg :slight_smile:

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As many have noted, the badges are back.

Just for those who are curious, as noted in this post, the element we expected to be rendered on page was no longer being rendered.

Looks like the element isn’t rendered unless the group has a flair (Discourse calls them this, we call as badges) icon (basically just an image) uploaded.

For those who are web savvy, we stylize the badge purely with CSS (background color, size, content, text et cetera) instead of using images. We do it this way since its way more efficient to do it in CSS than create and upload ~180 icons (60 levels * 3 subscription plans). And we relied on the avatar-flair class element on the page to do it.

Anyway, the fix was to upload a placeholder group icon which forces the .avatar-flair element to render.

There was some other changes Discourse did, like CSS class names, but that was easy to address.


Now that Discourse supports multiple flair selection, could you add multiple groups for level 60 users?

(For example, a level 60 lifetime user could pick the traditional gold 60 background, but they were also part of more groups which gave 60 with the lifetime and paid backgrounds)

P.S. This could even be extended so that lifetime users of all levels could gain access to the blue paid backgrounds/groups, since we paid for WaniKani.

Looks like I missed too much fun :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the suggestion. I have logged the request.