Anyone else's levels suddenly disappear?


They just disappeared for me. Everyone just has dots of purple lifetime, blue subscriber, and pink mods for me all of a sudden.

It just happened when clicking on my [Request] thread in the API section. Viet is no longer level infinity (I noticed that missing first… but all levels are gone! POOF!)


Yep! They’re all gone. The banner image with the Crabigator and friends also switched to one that says “WaniKani community” and doesn’t take up the entire height of the title bar.

Whether these changes are deliberate remains to be seen!


I don’t think our levels are… but… maybe?


I think the “WaniKani Community” text is deliberate… I just thought it looked better when it took up the entire height, hahah. :sweat_smile:

I bet the levels are coming back, though!


Well if you hover over said dots the popup still shows the level of the person, so if they’re trying to hide levels, they need to try harder lol


Maybe it’s just a minor CSS error. Currently on mobile, so I can’t check. :sweat_smile:

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s an effort to reduce hierarchy? An attempt to make discussions feel more equal?


Wup, they’re back. I guess Viet is on the b-

AS I WAS WRITING THIS IT DISAPPEARED AGAIN. Does Discourse stream CSS changes over websockets or something!? That would be absurd!


I liked it better taller too.

I’m on desktop.


Y’know, I thought I saw a flash of a number like a minute ago - I guess I’m not crazy!


If Discourse updates CSS dynamically live, that’s seriously crazy. Like, you have no idea how incredibly weird that is from a web development perspective. :astonished:


There’s a lot of weird things about Discourse. Like how an out-of-memory error during a routine update can bring down a community.

I’m not sure about the CSS, but this is a thing that Discourse does when an update is pushed while you’re viewing a community:

So I wouldn’t be overly shocked.


Mine just updated the CSS back and forth a couple of times live, without asking and without refreshing. I hope it’s not as crazy as it seems.


Well the numbers are back… sooo…

Is that it? XD


They’re popping in and out for me.