Level not showing on Wanikani Forums

As the title says, the circle with level is not showing next to my avatar in the forums.
Tried to change my avatar in hopes that it would kinda “refresh” or something, but it still seems to be missing.

Here an example:


I’ve not had this problem, but when my WK level is different to what shows up in the circle in the forum, I log out and back in to the forum and that always fixes it. If not, hello@wanikani…


Testing this theory right now.

EDIT: nope, didn’t work. I guess I’m off to write a mail…

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it is a kinda cool !
you are special :slight_smile:


You are so good WK doesn’t know how to rate you.


In the meantime, think of this as your own special magic. You’ve transcended the level norms of the Crabigator.


This happened once before, but I can’t remember how it was solved.

@viet might want to have a look at it

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Interesting… the whole flair element is missing…

For comparison:


<div class="topic-avatar">
	<a class="trigger-user-card main-avatar" href="/u/Rowena" data-user-card="Rowena">
		<img alt="" src="https://sjc3.discourse-cdn.com/business5/user_avatar/community.wanikani.com/rowena/45/76536_1.png" title="Rowena" class="avatar" width="45" height="45">
	<div class="avatar-flair avatar-flair-level-06-lifetime rounded avatar-flair-image" style="background-image: url(); background-color: #d580ff; " title="level-06-lifetime"/>
	<div class="poster-avatar-extra"/>


<div class="topic-avatar">
	<a class="trigger-user-card main-avatar" href="/u/Aghork" data-user-card="Aghork">
		<img alt="" src="https://sjc3.discourse-cdn.com/business5/user_avatar/community.wanikani.com/aghork/45/201054_1.png" title="Aghork" class="avatar" width="45" height="45">
	<div class="poster-avatar-extra"/>

Try logging out and then logging back in.

That’s already been tried…

Is it possible that your forum account somehow got disconnected from your main WaniKani account?

I’ll take a look in a sec

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waves wand



Same for me

You have my greatest thanks! I love my little flair element even more now and I hope we will never be separated again!

mine is doing the same. Says 19, i’m currently on 20

Try logging out and logging back into the forums

@baka-kat has the answer. Relogging forces a sync between your WK and forum accounts.

We have been trying to figure this one out, but unfortunately we are dealing with silent errors on this one so it is a bit tough to debug.

It worked the second time, thanks. It looks like I had to close chrome (on mac) and it worked. Thanks!

Instead of making a new topic I thought I would just post this here…my level on the forums is one behind my actual level? I’ve reset it a few times so maybe I confused it.