Minor bug?

Was it just a pop-up, or were you unable to continue your review?

It’s reminiscent of what happens when you have multiple review instances active at once.

If you ever get stuck in this bug, check your browser (/ phone / tablet) for another review instance.

If it was just the warning popping up: odd.

I was able to continue the review with no issues, but it bothered me that it said there was supposedly a typo in my answer even though it’s spelled exactly how it is under the meanings. It’s always been popping up, but I’ve always been ignoring it. This only seems to be the case with this certain word. Perhaps I should’ve made that point clearer in the post.


is it possible that you had a space before “to”? I have had this happen to me before and I think that was been the culprit - accidentally hitting the space bar before typing the answer.


I thought they strip blank characters before checking the answer?

I highly doubt it since this message has been popping up every single time I answer this word.

I went in to check that item to make sure we didn’t have a space or something in the meaning “to excel” and I couldn’t find anything off about it. Do you happen use any third-party scripts? If so, maybe try turning them off and see if it still happens.

If not, and/or it keeps giving you that message with scripts off, let me know.


I do use a few third-party scripts. I’ll turn them off when that word comes again, which is in about 8 hours, and I’ll let you know then. Thanks for looking into it.

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This is a screenshot from a few minutes ago. In the top right, you can see that tampermonkey is currently disabled, so no third-party applications are active.

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