Marked wrong for no reason?

I just got a review for the reading of 女, and for some reason, it marked me wrong. What did I do wrong?

You seem to have angered the mighty Crabigator. Repent and bring him many burned turtles.

(Edit: I honestly don’t know. Sometimes these things do happen. If you have this issue again maybe email But, the override script would be a good option to stop this from happening.)


Accidentally hit space maybe?

looks dead centre to me, can’t imagine there’s a space there.

I’m sure I didn’t put a space there.

Agreed, but all I can think of.
Or, if you’re fast enough, I suppose you could type O-N-N-N-enter-A and get there.

Maybe, but I didn’t do that either. I think it’s just a glitch. Hopefully a mod will see this and look into it (assuming it’s not just on my end).


That gave me this output…

It’s really odd. I can’t see any reason it would mess up.

Looks like you typed in the correct answer.

This is definitely a bug on our end since there have been infrequent reports similar to yours in the past. We haven’t been able to pinpoint the exact cause of it, but we are investigating. I don’t think the issue is with your specific input, but something in the background which evaluates the input. Sorry about that.

Have you tried refreshing the page to see if the problem persists?


Yeah, that is really weird. Your answer is correct, as Viet has already said. I have seen one other thread like this lately.
If you can give any more details to Viet, (with the email)… It might help them pinpoint the issue. Or if it happens again, pay as much attention as you can to the circumstances. Hmmm… But he already said it’s on their end… So … Hmm… How odd. Maybe pop open the JavaScript/html console if you can next time… I dunno. (I wanna bug test this so bad and find the reason.)

If the error happens next time, I can send a screenshot.

I wouldn’t worry. You know you know it - it doesn’t matter if the system does or not (unless it happens every time). I put words I get wrong into a study list. Clearly you wouldn’t put this in there.

The crabigator is drunk.

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