Microsoft IME Not working

I recently got a new work computer and the IME for Japanese is not working. My older computer was also running windows 10 and did not have any issues, so I am not sure what else I can do. Even looking at microsoft help forums hasn’t provided any additional information regarding how to fix the issues I am seeing. Is there any third party solution? Google IME isn’t a good solution as I would like to also write in word processing apps as well, not just online.

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I use Microsoft’s IME and have never had any issues, so I can’t really help with that. Best suggestion would be to remove the IME/language from your computer and re-add it. If that doesn’t work, the Google IME should run on your computer. I’m pretty sure it’s not limited to online use.

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Mine likes to keep changing itself back to romaji, so maybe check that’s not happening with you?

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Well, I couldn’t get the Microsoft IME to work even after uninstalling and reinstalling but the Google IME does work and I can use it in word processors so I should be all settled! Thanks!


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