Method to estimate how long it will take to 'catch 'em all'

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I am at level 14 and I have decided to do at least 100 reviews and at least 10 lessons each day (on average). If I keep that up, how long will it take before I reach level 60? or 40? What would be the method by which you would assess that?

And please be assured that I AM aware that there are many factors involved, the primary one being your error rate etc., but I would still need some range. We can assume a 80% correctness rate.

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One thing that can be looked at is how long it on average takes to level up. This website has an estimation based on your speed doing a level. There are some other factors such as how many lessons there are in a level and if you have problems with a few Kanji in a level but this can give at least an estimate based on how you are going previously.


I mean, at the least, a year from levels 1-60.
On the average, a year and a half~two.
You’re on level 14, so let’s round that to 15.
15 is one fourth of 60.
(Take away one fourth from a year and a half, {365 + 182.5 = 547.5})
547.5 / 4=136.9 roughly. (136.9 x 3 = 410.7 days)
410.7 - 365 = 45.7
One year and 46 days???
The calculation is probably off by a lot, but yeah
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oh well…
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this calculation is assuming you’re keeping the same rate, so we’re fine


Impossible to know, since you could get level locked by not passing the current level kanji.


Not all items are made equal on levels. Your level-up speed will slow down considerably if you fail radical reviews, so new kanji doesn’t unlock. Meanwhile, the first kanji aren’t that important to get right in reviews. Instead, it’s the second batch of kanji (unlocked by the radicals) that decide how long you remain on the level.


I’d also like to add the question of what lessons are you going to be doing? With 10 lessons a day, you will be having older vocabulary lessons mixed in with the important kanji and radicals, so if you do it in order, that will delay your level up time. If you postpone vocabulary and focus on kanji and radicals first you will level up quicker. Of course, going full speed on kanji and radicals but only doing vocab when you aren’t doing kanji and radicals will create a build up of lessons.

There’s a bunch of factors to consider on how you do things that will influence the speed greatly

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Thanks mate!

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No problem!

I understand, but I believe I would benefit from a rough range despite all of these variables. I am aware of all the factors and uncertainties.

WK has 9060 total items (radicals + kanji + vocab). 3/4 of that is 6795. That’s 679.5 days if you do 10 lessons per day. Depending on accuracy, you may need to do more than 100 reviews per day though.

Edit: the main complication is that you would need to start guruing the current level’s kanji before you run out of vocab lessons. At 10 lessons per day, that probably won’t be a problem - the vocab that unlock “for free” when you reach a level will usually be enough to keep you busy for the 3-4 days it takes to guru a kanji.

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If you use the lesson filter script to spread out the kanji lessons throughout the level, you’ll constantly be unlocking new lessons and will never run out even if your level up gets delayed by a day or two (source: this is what I’ve been doing for, like, 40 levels :sweat_smile:).

With this, you should be able to estimate exactly how long it would take you to reach 60 if you do a set amount of lessons a day. So, 9060 divided by 10 = 906 days, or about 2.5 years total. Or as Escalus calculated, about 679.5 days left to go for you, since you’re already 14 levels in.

As far as the number of daily reviews goes, it will probably eventually get a little higher than 100 a day, but not too much higher, unless your accuracy is really bad. My average is about 130 a day, but that’s because I was going a little faster for most of my time with WK (I was doing 13 lessons a day, then 12, then 11, and now 10). I’ll probably jump back up to 12 a day when my part time job ends and I have more free time, and that’ll probably let me shave off a couple weeks on the timeline to level 60.


yooo! you guys rock! thanks mate

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Good stuff! I appreciate it! Thanks.

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Install the Heatmap widget, it will help you to roughly estimate how long it will take you.

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