How long to complete level 60 at 10 lessons per day starting at level 4?

I just completed my last 10 lessons of level three, and will do the first 10 lessons of level 4 tomorrow. I vowed to pace myself at 10 per day after I had to reset to the beginning of level 3 when I got burned out and piled up too many reviews. So starting level 4 tomorrow and doing 10 lessons per day, I’m just wondering if someone would could do the math or something to tell me how long it would take me to complete Wanikani, I’m just curious.


Easiest to look at the number of items on WaniKani - that’s roughly 8900, of which you’ve completed 3 levels, so… about 8500 to go? 10 items per day = 850 days.
I personally like to plan for something that’s on the horizon but visible - in your case something like getting to level 11 (painful levels rather than pleasant levels) in about 4 months (at 10 lessons per day).
That gives you 50%+ kanji recognition on Twitter or Wikipedia (according to wkstats).
I usually plan further ahead once I draw close to that intermediate finish line, but you might prefer to just plan for level 60 of course :slight_smile:


According to the Item Inspector script the exact count is 8540 items from level 4 to 60. 10 items per days is 854 days.

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Just over 2 years is a pretty good pace. That’s close to my own. Last month was my 2 year anniversary on WK.


Took me 2.5 years


It heavily depends how good you are at this language learning thing. Super high accuracy, it can be done in a couple years. Super low accuracy *looks in mirror*, it will be many years.


Surely, this is the answer. Why worry about how long it might take. Go at the pace at which you’re learning?


But in his/her case it will take eternity because of the grey circle that tells at the moment that tc doesn’t have a payed subscription which mean no more lessions

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No, you need to guru items before new ones unlock, so this isn’t even close to the right number.

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With the Lesson Reorder script you can do the radicals and kanji first. Then you have plenty of vocab to do while you are guruing your radicals and kanji. There will be no dead time without lessons for guruing thanks to the script.

Best case scenario in WaniKani you pass a level in 7 days
That doesn’t happen, from my personal experience it takes around 10-12 days assuming an 80% pass rate each day.

However I also find every 5-6 levels you have to stop and trim down the leeches and strays because workload gets too high.

So say 2 weeks per level. Assuming you don’t burn out , can do it daily your looking at 112 weeks so just over 2 years , but I’d go with 2.5 or even 3 years as you need to throw grammar in there as well otherwise the Kanji is useless

Here you go, you can project it yourself. Just put in your WK API token and how fast you are doing the levels:

Wanikani Level Projection

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I guess this also assumes that you will always have lessons and depending on how the radical and kanji lessons go, you may have a few days of no new reviews.

Or… OP has just finished the free levels and is looking for this information to determine what type of subscription to get :information_source:

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As someone who has been doing ~10 a day (more or less based on how many remaining vocab words are left before radicals or just throwing a few more lessons in to get my radicals started, etc) It will take me roughly 2.5 years. I’m just short of 2 years and I’m at level 44.

Also, my average level up time is 15 days. Usually, its one week of vocab, one week of radicals/kanji.


I try not to overthink it and just looked back when I was at level 6-7 how fast I was going on wkstats: Level-up and put in a couple of numbers around of what I was doing up until then and the Projection site spit out a quick timetable of when I would finish if I kept the same pace. Obviously, it can change on so many things. You might slow down, or speed up, depending on what’s going on in your life. It’s really just a rough estimate bordering on “useless”.

I’m going full speed doing about between 10 and 30 news lessons almost every day until I hit my first burn. After that I’m slowing down and focusing more on grammar studies and reading.

My average was 16 days per level when I do 10 lesson items a day.

So a rough estimate for me would be 16 x 60 = 960 days

Others have put their own estimates, and in the end you can see that it all depends on how good your accuracy is/ if you have to ever slow down/ etc… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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