How long will it take to reach level 60?

Hi. How long will it take me to get to level 60? I try to keep my apprentice words at around 100, and my accuracy is around 75-90%

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Well, check your average level up time here, multiply it by the number of levels remaining and you have your time. It won’t be accurate (of course), partially because the last few levels are faster, but you’re on level 7 either way, so it might slow down over time also.

There’s also this script that fills out the projection page on wkstats, which might be useful.

It depends on how many lessons you do each day. If you do 20 a day and do reviews as soon as they’re ready you should be able to reach level 60 in a year. That is really fast and the workload is immense. I did around 15 lessons a day and got there in 2 years which was still pretty difficult.

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It depends on leeches and workload (returning Reviews); and it can be difficult to tell until a few months (5-6 months) after starting Wanikani. That would be around Level 17 at full speed.

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