Meepity's Study Log :)

I’m making this study log so I can keep myself motivated and to be consistent. I think having a public log will force me to stay on track with my goals.

About Me and My Background

I am a university student that is majoring in Japanese. However, I am a bit dissatisfied with some of the coursework, and the grammar covered. The textbooks used at my university don’t go past Genki II, and after that, textbooks and grammar are not really covered in classes. I have been studying Japanese since late 2020.

Right now I would place myself around mid-N3, however, I have never been able to take the JLPT due to it’s test date conflicting with my University’s finals week. Although, I do plan to take the N2 in December.

I studied in a smaller city in Japan last summer (2023), and I will be studying in Kyoto starting this coming March. I would love to feel more confident while traveling Japan, and I know leveling up my Japanese would help (although it won’t be the full solution, the metros are a beast of their own. . . )

1.) Pass the JLPT N1
2.) Complete WaniKani
3.) Be able to have a conversation with a native speaker about a complex topic (thoughts on education systems, sustainability, linguistics, etc.)
4.) Be able to read Japanese Books, Manga, and Magazines with ease.
5.) Live in Japan for a couple years


  • Genki I and II (completed about a year ago)
  • Quartet I and II (still working through them)
  • N3 Soumatome (Vocab, listening, reading, and gramamar)
  • Various youth books and manga that I bought while in Japan (e.x なぜ?どうして?3年生、ドラえもん、よつばと!)
    -Japanese-speaking friends
    -日本語で働く! (a business Japanese textbook)

Welcome to the study log crew! :tada:

Always nice to see more people, especially with their own goals and aspirations of using the language outside just completing wanikani :grin: wanting to practice output is much rarer on these forums than you’d think, so really interested to see what kinda stuff you end up liking for practicing that!

At around an N3 level for reading, you should be probably just about ready to jump into either the Absolute Beginner Book Club or the Beginner Book club, and the later are just about to start a new book. Great time to check them out! Especially with how many resources they provide for new(er) readers, they are a great way to start learning how to read more comfortably.

If that’s not your speed, have you check out natively before? It’s a great site for finding new material that’s more level appropriate, instead of accidentally jumping into something that’s way over your head without knowing it


Anyways, welcome again! Looking forward to your updates :grin:


Welcome! Sounds like you found the right place, having a log has really boosted my pace, due to finding so much inspiration here, resources, and emulation. :slight_smile:

You could consider joining our Study group :slight_smile: we are in Chapter 5, starting Chapter 6 in a bit less than 2 weeks.


火曜日 (1/23/2024)

I spent most of my time studying today reviewing vocabulary, and kanji. I am working on memorizing how to write kanji, as most of the kanji I see in the Quartet textbooks I can read, but can’t remember the stroke order.

I also am working on the writing assignment in Chapter 5 of the quartet. I will be sure to review it with my Italki tutor on Thursday. I’m planning on finishing this chapter Friday and moving onto chapter six at the start of next week. I would like to practice cooking with a Japanese recipe this week too. I’ll be browsing some of my magazines to find a recipe that looks simple enough.

Goals for tomorrow:

  • make grammar review flashcards for quartet chapters 1 and 5
  • listen to an episode of a Japanese podcast (maybe while working out :slight_smile: )
  • do the listening for quartet chapter five
  • wanikani reviews
  • catch up on some of the missed Anki reviews

I’ll be sure to check out the quartet study group! Thanks for letting me know about it


I’ll definitely check out natively once I catch up on my Japanese TBR.

I have quite a few manga and low-level kids “chapter books” I need to get through right now. When I was in Japan over the summer, I bought so many books, but I haven’t had the time to read them all yet :sob:


水曜日 (1/24/2024)

Today was definitely successful in terms of studying. :smiley:

I caught up on all of my wanikani reviews. I also unlocked the remaining kanji in level 22, and completed the lessons. Hopefully I can level up soon. I also reviewed chapter 5 kanji from Quartet I. I am hoping to become better at recalling stroke order for post-Genki kanji.

In terms of listening, I listened to several of the narrations on OTO Navi for Quartet I without referencing the text it accompanies. I also started watching a Japanese drama called 星降る夜に on Viki. Currently I’m watching it with English subtitles. Once I finish, I’ll rewatch it again with Japanese subtitles so I can do some vocab and grammar mining.

I also wrote the prompt for chapter 5 of Quartet. I sent it to my Italki tutor, and we’ll discuss it tomorrow during our lesson. I’ll post it later.

Overall, today was pretty good.

Goals for tomorrow:

  • Wanikani reviews
  • 100 anki reviews
  • Italki lesson
  • Quartet grammar review
  • Watch some more of the drama
  • Quartet listening section

Well, that’s my recap of today. See you guys tomorrow! :sleeping:


I took a lesson with my Japanese tutor today. I edited my recipe. I also reviewed grammar today.

In case anyone was curious, here is the recipe:




玉ねぎ - 1個

赤いピーマン - 1個

オーリブ油 ー 1大さじ

牛ミンチ ー 450グラム

タコスの調味料 ー 3大さじ

サルサ - 16オンス

サワークリーム - 16オンス

トルティーヤ ー 12枚

シュレッドチーズ ー 2カップ


  1. まず、玉ねぎと赤いピーマンを薄くスライスします。スライスをしながら、中火でフライパンにオリーブ油を入れて熱します。熱くなってから、玉ねぎとピーマンのスライスを入れます。炒めます。炒めたら、ボウルに入れます。そうして、牛ミンチを炒めます。炒め終わってから、フライパンでタコス調味料と混ぜます。

  2. 次に、大きなボウルでサルサとサワークリームを混ぜます。この混合がピンクになるはずです。

  3. それから、個々にサルサとサワークリームの混合にトルティーヤを漬けます。大きなキャセロール鍋に、トルティーヤを置きます。トルティーヤの中に野菜とチーズと1カップのシュレッドチーズに置いて巻きます。あと11個繰り返します。キャセロール鍋で2列ずつに6個のエンチラーダを並べます。

  4. 最後に、チーズと混合ソースの残りをエンチラーダにかけます。オーブンを350℉(176℃)で熱します。20分ぐらい、またはチーズが溶けるまで、焼きます。サーブをする前に、5分ぐらい冷まします。

  5. ワカモレやピコ・デ・ガヨをかけてサーブします。


  • もし、中身が好きじゃなくても、まだこのレシピが作れます。私は中身をよく変えます。好きな代替が豆とか豆腐とか鶏肉などです。辛さも変わります。全部のサルサの種類を使えます。
  • 周の食事を作っておきたければ、密閉容器に保存しておきます。

美味しそうだ!調理は興味がありますか?けれど これは日本語の書く練習だけ?



Nice job on Chapter 5! By the way there are two youtube videos that come with it, nice for listening practice:

「肉じゃがの作り方」 How to Cook Nikujaga - 読み物2

「関西風お好み焼き」の作り方 How to Cook Okonomiyaki - 書く

(source: Resources | QUARTET ONLINE)


Thanks so much! I’ll be sure to check them out!

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Well, studying over the weekend didn’t really go as planned. I got sick, but at least I’m better now.

Today I finished up the grammar practice, reviewed the chapter, and added the grammar points to my Anki deck for chapter 5 of the quartet. I’m going to move onto chapter six, but still be reviewing the previous chapter.

I also started watching 俺のかわいいはもうすぐ諸費期限?! I decided to use Japanese subtitles, to help my listening practice (something I am very weak with). I can understand about 70 - 75% of what is being said, which I am quite proud of. The drama itself is kind of weird, but enjoyable.

I also tried a bit with one of my good Japanese friends. It’s always nice to practice using really casual Japanese since I don’t get to use it too often in my classes or during my tutoring sessions.

I’ve also made a really big dent on my backed up Anki reviews. I had about 700 cards on my N3 Anki deck, and I’ve worked my way down to just over 200 (which is still a lot, but way better than 700. . . )

I feel today has been productive, and I’m looking g forward to seeing what tomorrow brings.


I haven’t done too much today study wise. I leveled up on wanikani, so I’m working on the new lessons and reviews. I also started chapter six of the quartet, so I’ve been working on committing the grammar to memory and memorizing the new vocab.