Meaning of ノリ in phrases like ノリがいい

I can’t quite figure out what ノリ means in phrases like ノリがいい. From my understanding it’s used to refer to one’s personality. If it’s ノリがいい then you’re easy-going and people like hanging out with you.

I’ve only ever seen it written in kana, so I don’t know which kanji it uses.

I really want to know! Can anyone give me a hint?

Jisho says ノリ is 乗り which possibly comes from 気乗り.


I checked jisho before posting… but I didn’t type in katakana.
Now I even see an entry for ノリが良い.

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It also reminds of phrases like 調子に乗る. Doesn’t that mean something like being in the zone? Or more like being confident and upbeat, almost to the point of arrogance?

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I think I encountered it when somebody says “調子に乗るなよ” with it meaning something like “don`t get carried away!”.


Or just one of the definitions of 乗る is “to get into the swing,” basically to be caught up in whatever thing is going on. You can hear it used on its own like that. People might just say 乗った! or something. Or 乗らない if they’re not going along with whatever.


This is a useful one. I hear ノリ used a lot casually among friends. Here’s some examples I’ve seen in real life:

ノリが悪い - said to someone when they weren’t drinking when everyone else was [ie not fitting with the vibe etc]

ノリが合う- I’ve heard this used a lot. Means like our vibe will match etc

Here’s an example from the show terrace house (it was said in the context of a character saying their first impression about someone): ノリとか空気の読み方は合う感じはした


Let’s not forget 乗り乗り. :grin:

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