Feature Request: Ability to add synonyms, meaning and reading notes before lessons

The ability to add notes to items before I learn them will be incredibly useful.

Here are some reasons why I think it would be an important feature:

  • It will be easier to practice future items whilst waiting for new lessons to be unlocked
  • It will give users the chance to write notes for items they have learned reading/hearing elsewhere.
  • Users can write notes for items they haven’t learned, that can be easily confused with other learned items.
  • This change will not harm anyone who wants to continue using Wanikani the way it is now.
  • Users will have a greater freedom to learn the way that works best for themselves.

P.S. This is a repost of a feature request last posted in 2014. The previous topic didn’t get enough of a response to receive a comment from the developers.


I’ve had several cases where the synonym part would be helpful, where I’d like to have been able to add them during the lessons, before being asked if I recall the five new items, and certainly before the first time they come up for review.

I’m not so sure about modifying things before they’re introduced in lessons, but like @ambo100 said, I’d just ignore that feature if it were made available, so no harm done.



Your post didn’t indicate whether or not you knew this one existed. I’ve been using it and it’s awesome.
I only provided the greasyfork link because for some reason when I try to link the thread, it goes to the wrong page… weird…

Anyway, if you did already know, maybe others who visit this thread will find use of it.

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Is this the thread you are looking for? I have been using this userscript since my early days too.

Yes, it is. And that’s the link I copy/pasted. But in my preview window, it was trying to link to the homepage. I have no idea why.

That looks like exactly what I wanted. Still seems like a bit of an oversight to not have it as a native feature, but this’ll definitely help.


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Yeah, it is a bit odd that it’s not a native feature. But the script does help a lot. :+1: :slight_smile:

Quite a few of the members’ enhancements should be a native feature.

@Ryouki, I noticed lately that if I post the link without using the “chain of links” button above the reply screen, only the WaniKani homepage appears.

Hmm, okay. I’ve never had this happen before. I will try that next time. Thanks for the tip.

This is a feature I was wanting as well. Thanks for posting the link to the script to add support, but I agree with others this should be a native feature.

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@koichi @viet

I don’t think I’ve seen any opposition to this request, I would like to to know what the WaniKani developers think about this suggestion.

We’ve put this one on our ‘to discuss’ list. The pros you list out up above are totally valid, but we need to consider the cons (and there are couple big ones), as well.

We march through these requests semi-regularly, then prioritize them against all our other ongoing work. To be totally honest, it’ll be a little while before anything happens should we decide to proceed with implementation.


I was going to make my own thread on this, but I’m relieved to see that the admins are seriously considering this option. Just want to add my two cents in that I would LOVE to be able to add synonyms during lessons. None of the numerical vocabulary use digits in their synonyms, and I highly prefer typing the number as opposed to spelling them out in English. Every lesson with a number now requires me to remember to adjust synonyms after the lesson, in addition to remembering the lessons themselves.

I’ve seen several other users adding synonyms primarily for numbers as well. Have you thought about making additional synonyms for numbers by default?

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