Meaning mnemn for 稽

this kanji doesn’t appear in WK so I was wondering if you could help me out here. thanks in advance👍🏾


that’s what I came up with lol
(Keimi is a character in One Piece btw)

Keimi’s seven dogs are thinking about drying the grains in the sun. since they live on Fishman island their grains got wet and now before Keimi comes back they want to hide what they did. はやく! think of something before Keimi comes back.

Edit : maybe you guys have better ideas

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Meaning: think, consider
Reading: けい (on’yomi)

日 sun
尤 dog (not quite 犬, but close enough?)
禾 grain
匕 spoon

Once upon a time, there was a dog. He dreamt of becoming a chef, but all he had was a spoon, and some grain. What could the dog make that would be delicious enough to get him into Le Cordon Bleu? After much thinking and consideration he decided to make a cake (けい). He mashed up the grain with his spoon, stirred it, and kneaded it with the spoon. Soon he had delicious looking cake dough. But oh no! He didn’t have an oven to bake it in! He looked outside, and fortunately the sun was a blazing 115 °F. The dog brought the cake dough outside and let it bake to a golden brown in the sun.

But was it good enough for the dog to get into Le Cordon Bleu? What do you think?

:dog2: :spoon: :cake: :sun_with_face: :thinking: :question:

I just went off of the WK names for the radicals and the WK mnemonic for けい, lol

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that’s nice story :joy:

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Thanks :laughing:

Oh Keimi looks familiar! Was she in the Fishman Island arc?

Zoro was my avatar for many years :3


A: I think I have an interesting story to tell you.
B: Tell me!

A: One day, my dog ate grains from a spoon. The end.
B: Oけい??? :eyes: Weird f*ck.


Every DAY my Kei-9 DOG gets up in the morning and barks because he thinks only about food. I get up and blindly SPOON GRAIN* into his bowl until my Kei-9 DOG is OK. I think I want to go back to bed while the SUN isn’t even up yet.

  • A lot of kibble is often grain based, actually - a mix of corn, wheat, veggies, binders, fats and oils, and other stuff…

Yes exactly. I just love one piece so I thought why not take it’s characters for mnemonics.

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