New Kanji on Kitsun

Just got introduced to 鹸 of the word 石鹸。
I searched for it on Wanikani since this Kanji haven’t popped up in my reviews yet but because it’s not listed I wanted to ask you guys what reading/meaning mnemonic you would suggest

Edit: I know that the right radical means squid. but I can’t really think of one for the radical on the left.


I thought tooth (歯・は)歯

But not quite.

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Jisho does list radicals with kanji!

Edit: Salty squid sounds a good enough mnemonic already tbh.

If you want WK radicals:


  • The squid receives a fortune (占) telling him that he will find a treasure (メ) marked by many drops (丶). The squid sets out on his journey, when he realizes that the very ocean he’s swimming in and all its drops of saltiness is his treasure


  • The saltiness is his treasure because he was preparing a dinner party for Ken (けん) from Street Fighter and ran out of salt for one of the dishes. Now the squid can finish his preparations :salt:

Also, kanji with the squid radical tend to have the けん reading so that may help solidify the reading in your mind :squid:


鹵 seems like a useful semantic component to learn though. All the kanji that contain it have to do with salt in some way.

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Except that it’s not a Joyo kanji, and neither are any of the kanji that use it.

石鹸 is common enough that it’s easy to learn it through that. :man_shrugging:

Oh, right. I didn’t actually pay attention to the specific word OP was talking about. :stuck_out_tongue:

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that’s what I was looking for. thanks alot :blush:


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