Maximum number of reviews you could get in a day

From personal experience what is the maximum number of reviews anyone has had to do in a day when you have completed all your reviews the day before.?

Mine was about 230.

I’m wondering what the maximum number of reviews wanikani would give you on a day (not including reviews that were carried over that you didn’t do the previous day)


The maximum number is pretty much limited to only the number of items in the system. There is really no cap, everything works within the SRS timings.


You could unlock everything but never burn them and then once everything is in the SRS, proceed to get them all wrong and you can get every item come up for review.


I had several days above 500.


If WK was a lot bigger, I’d expect to see 30 minute videos on youtube about some guy who spent months to get every single item to come up for review in a single day.

I’d also expect a 1.5 hour video from SummoningSalt on the history of WK speedruns


I bet Billy Mitchell could get the WR


so theoretically could you get 6000 plus reviews in one day if there are 6000 vocabs?

That’s right, you could theoretically have every item in the entire system up for review at the same time. There’s something like 9000 items so that would be the max.

Practically I don’t think many people ever do more than a few hundred reviews in a day. There was a small thread a little while back asking for the community’s highest review days: Most reviews you’ve done in a day?

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Just wanting to be precise in what i’m asking, without wanting to be too pedantic. I don’t mean number of reviews in a day because you haven’t done any reviews for years - i mean maximum number of reviews in a day when you have completed all your reviews the previous day.

It could also be because you got a lot of answers wrong. Doing reviews as they come up is no guarantee of getting them right. And if you keep getting them wrong (but manage to guru items) you will level up and unlock new items but the old ones will keep piling up. This won’t happen in practice as you’d eventually get them right but it is theoretically possible to do all the reviews every day and still end up one day with 9000 reviews.

If you always get them wrong i don’t see how you could level up past level one

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but you’re saying get enough right to level up…

You level up if you get 90% of the kanjis of that level to guru. If you manage to do that and then after that keep getting everything wrong you will level up nonetheless.

so i guess it never happens because you’re not going to get 90 percent of the kanji right and then get everything else wrong unless you were doing it deliberately

with doing reviews daily (or multiple times a day) the amount of reviews will depend on the amount of lessons, and the accuracy. i’ve seen people mention up to 500 reviews daily.

my highest single day was in the 300s, my highest sustained average about 220 per day.

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Yes as I said it is only theoretically possible but it doesn’t happen in practice. But reality lies somewhere in between that extreme almost impossible case and a few hundreds, in case you do all lessons and reviews as they come along and maintain a high accuracy (>90%). If your accuracy drops below and you still do all your lesson you seriously risk getting close to 1000 per day or even more. But that doesn’t happen either because people would hopefully stop doing their lessons at that point until their apprentice times become manageable and their accuracy rises again.

I get my reviews down to 0 every day, and I have still had 300+ review days.

I question all the assertions above that one eventually gets them right.

“Completed all reviews and got them all correct” or “Completed all reviews and got them all wrong”? In the context of your question, that will have a very significant impact.