Best way to catch up with reviews

Hi Wise Ones!!

Looking for some advice here…am pretty new to Wanikani. I am only on level five and been pretty regular with reviews etc but I was down with flu for about 7-10 days and my reviews have piled up to 250 items. Now I can spend like 2 hours to knock all of them out at one go but I am scared all 200 coming back at once as per the cycles etc. So while learning new items I may end up getting 300 reviews in one day!!

I know 200 isn’t a huge number but still what is the best way to tackle a small backlog??


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Don’t do new lessons while you have reviews in your queue.

I don’t think you’ll be hit with all 250 items all at once if you do all your reviews at the same time – items should be on different SRS stages, so their next time would be different.

Still, if you’re worried, you can divide how many reviews you have in x (where x is 2, 3, or 4 days), and then make sure that every day you’re keeping to a lower amount of outstanding reviews.

Say I have 300 outstanding reviews that I was to do in 3 days:

  • day 1 I’ll do as many sessions as I want, but will end the day with 200 reviews remaining in my queue;
  • day 2, ditto, but I’ll end the day with 100 reviews still in my queue;
  • day 3 I’ll zero everything by the time I go to bed.

Another method is to do as many reviews as you have coming the next day + something extra.
Say that I have 300 reviews in my queue, and the next day I’ll have another 50 reviews coming. I’ll make sure to do at least 60 reviews that day (next day’s 50 + extra 10).


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