カタクリ家の幸福 / The Happiness of the Katakuris 😁 (Japanese Film Club)

July 21st - Aug 4th

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Known Content Warnings

Some gross stop animation in the beginning, lots of campy death scenes, at least one nongraphic sex scene.

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  • Please use spoiler tags/hide details to discuss plot events.
  • Feel totally at ease to ask questions or give your thoughts, any time! Someone will probably look at this thread even well after the official period ends.
  • Have fun, and do your best to interpret anything said with as much good faith as possible :slightly_smiling_face:


Beyond Tubi, Arrow, etc in my region, this movie is on Internet Archive with optional English subs! So it should be accessible to anyone who wants to join.

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The post feels relatively sparse compared to other clubs but the book clubs have more scheduling to load it with and my VN clubs are a nightmare of text on how to make things work and figure out what to read for the week haha. I think I covered anything crucial but feedback is fine if you notice anything. We’re doing it :slightly_smiling_face:


Hooray!! Now to figure out when to watch it. Is there going to be a scheduled time for group discussion, or do we just post our thoughts in here immediately?


Once you finish, feel free to post your thoughts and start discussing any time! I mentioned it briefly in the rules, but as with the way most clubs work here, while there’s an official 2 week period to bring people together, if you happen to fall behind and want to watch anything late, there’s usually always a group still keeping an eye on the thread later.

I’m looking forward to seeing what people think of this wild movie, haha.


What…was… this… utter craziness that I just watched? :exploding_head: :rofl:


Hahaha, I tried to give us a few nominations for easing in, but what won is about the furthest from that it could get. Was looking forward to this kind of reaction haha. I’m gonna watch tomorrow night so I’ll be able to say more then when I jog my memory.

For anyone unfamiliar, the director, 三池 崇史 (Miike Takashi) is known for making a lot of movies that are overly violent (usually in the “fun” sorta violence way) or just plain weird. He’s made well over 100 movies, which means several aren’t really worth your time imo, but he has a lot that are.

My favorite is Gozu, which is dreamy and surreal is a sort of more tasteless David Lynch way almost? Audition is really good if you want aslow building straight up horror, though the sort of violence it dips into is not at all for the squemish.


Both of these look like they’re worth checking out. I’d definitely be interested in watching some more of the director’s work, because I feel I couldn’t properly make sense of what I was watching - I desperately need some context :laughing:. It was super campy, basically heart-warming in a perverse way, had a lot of black humour that I could appreciate and a lot of ridiculous scenes I’m not even sure were intended to be humorous (the fact that it was a musical was absurd in itself, and the timing they chose to break into song hilariously out of place), there was some sort of badly disguised symbolism that I can’t quite get my head around, nor am I convinced I’m supposed to, and the special effects were straight out of low-budget zombie movie. I won’t even mention the brilliant/absurd animation, and all the little characters and details that kept appearing and disappearing with no explanation. All in all, it’s like the director just wanted to fit into one movie all the elements he loves, despite them being totally incompatible. And the result was, well, utter craziness, I have no other words to describe it. :joy:


What an experience.


What a fun rewatch. I made myself go without subs entirely and the results were a little sketchy but I found after the difficult beginning it MOSTLY got better. This movie is pretty easy to follow with or without getting all the dialog, but I’m more or less happy with how it went as a start. The old man is harder to understand than others and in some situations it’s tricky with how lines are delivered, can be anywhere from a nice unbroken chain of comprehension to some sentences that feel like I’m back on day 1. So it goes.

Sorry for the rough quick picture, but wanted to share that I own this:

I'll just talk about everything under here

I remembered the vibes of this movie super well but had forgotten almost all of the details. Something I really appreciate about it is how much it uses weirdo subversive plots and maximalist nonsense to tell such a simple story. The family quite literally unites their strength together to carry their ペンション (I was JUST talking about learning that word in the read every day thread, hooray) to safety which is absurd and silly but just about the best way to express the power of a healthy family dynamic. When movies break from reality they can sort of strike at the heart of emotions in a way that the mundane can’t, you know?

It’s not perfect; there are moments where the digital photography looks kinda ehh in my opinion (though I love the colors in others!) and sometimes I wish moments like the zombies would actually go anywhere, but overall it does what it does really well and for being so silly I kinda do feel emotional at the end tbh. I think the actors help sell it a lot; they’re all so committed to this goofiness and generally likeable. The songs are fun too.

I’ve realized when I start speaking, especially since pitch accent seems to remain a weird mystery to me, I’m going to sound like the guy who only barely speaks Japanese in this. :skull:


The actors certainly sell it.
They take it so seriously. :sweat_smile:


On request, I attached a simple 1-5 rating poll in the opening post as well, if you’d like to numerically express your opinions on this one. I’ll put it there from the start in future picks. If you want to yell at me about the rating scale, go for it I guess :sweat_smile:


But I sound so good in my head! :pensive:


Non-spoiler thoughts:

I had a lot of fun watching this one together as a group! I probably wouldn’t have gotten around to it otherwise, so it was nice to pop in. Watching with English subtitles (except for one very short sequence with baked-in Japanese subs) was definitely the right call for me; I would’ve missed most of the nuance of the story without them, though to a certain extent, this movie tells its story in such a big, overblown way, I think it’s true that you can probably follow at least the basic plot even with next to zero Japanese.

Spoiler thoughts:

I read essentially nothing about this movie before going in; basically just the content warnings and that’s it, haha, so I had no idea what the plot would be, and certainly had no idea that it was a musical! That part was so much fun! I really like musicals, but I especially like weird musicals, and this one is definitely up there, haha.

Something I love about musicals is that the medium allows them to express emotions in a way that makes them feel as big as they actually feel to us when we’re experiencing them. This movie made a lot of, uh, unconventional choices for when to suddenly segue into a musical sequence, but I think that really worked for it on a level of both absurd dark comedy and also bringing out a lot of emotion from the characters that we rarely see expressed in this manner in other media.

And yeah, despite all of the, uh, death and such, it really was somehow a heartwarming family movie, haha. I like how everything that happened, even the most absurd bits, were all in service of that core theme.

The claymation parts were… well, they happened, haha. I don’t know if that choice fully worked for me or not. I think in many ways, it was mostly a distraction from what the rest of the movie was doing, but hey, I respect the filmmaker for trying something bold there. I suppose they’re sort of a visual shorthand for representing cartoonishly dramatic moments that get solved with basically the power of movie magic.

Honestly, I don’t think it’s too bad to sound like someone who’s clearly still trying to learn how to speak the language! Your experience with being able to understand that guy reminded me of when I hear Chris Brookes speak Japanese in DDT Pro Wrestling, haha, because everything he says is way easier for me because his Japanese is lower level than native speakers’.

I was so happy and proud of myself for being able to understand (DDT spoilers) his entire post-match promo after he won the KO-D Championship this weekend :smiling_face_with_tear:. It’s encouraging as a language learner, I feel, to see the kind of positive reception someone like him gets from the Japanese fans, who are just so happy that he has worked as hard as he has to learn the language so that he can better communicate with them. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if his Japanese is imperfect, or if he still sounds like a foreigner. He’s able to get his meaning across, and his earnest feelings really come across, and that’s what counts!

I feel like if we attempt to speak to someone in Japanese, we’re probably much more likely to come across as a Chris Brookes than a Richard, haha.


I worry if I’m Richard every time I watch this film :joy:

I rewatched it and it’s as beautiful and bizarre and silly as I remembered. I had completely forgotten it was narrated from the little girl’s point of view, though. What a family to grow up in!


It was narrated? :thinking:


In the beginning the little girl is talking about the family and what happiness means iirc. She obviously doesn’t help much with the uh…main events :joy: But it’s her memories, was how I took it.

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There’s stuff where she’s not there, though. Actually most of it.


You never know what kids see while peeking around doors :stuck_out_tongue:

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Like physically not in the same location. :sweat_smile:


Too late for logic, it’s my head canon now.