Let's Play Together! Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

Hello everyone!
This is a special thread for a playthrough of Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town in Japanese! Here, @muromuro and I will post updates on our progress, attach screenshots, translate sentences, and more! Oh, and we will also try to get all the Steam achievements… Feel free to join us on this quest:).

We will soon add a google doc sheet with useful words from this game.

Why this game: it’s pretty chill and it has furigana! Moreover, the language has been not too hard so far.

A few words to start off!
牧場 ぼくじょう - livestock farm
道具 どうぐ - tool
町長 ちょうちょう - town mayor


Meet ミサちゃん, our main character!

New words:
種 たね - seed
観光 かんこう - sightseeing, tourism
観光客 かんこうきゃく - tourist’
賑やか にぎやか - bustling; busy; crowded; lively; prosperous; thriving
撫でる なでる - to caress, brush gently
ひな - young bird, chick
街 まち - town

Miscellaneous game events and thoughts

Look at our cute chicken, Tamago-chan!

So far, we met most of the townsfolk and they all have been saying how the town got boring.

Translation: If the town doesn’t become a bit more lively, I wonder if the young people will feel bored.
I guess we are here to change things!


oh gosh this game looks so cute (っ˘ω˘ς ) is there any japanese audio or is it reading only? i’m reminded of when i tried to play stardew valley in japanese, only to realize there was no furigana for the kanji haha


It is just reading! But yes, I also wanted to play Rune Factory 5 and other games in Japanese but then just do not have furigana. Maybe we can’t do that yet, but we will be able to read such things too someday!:slight_smile:
More cute updates coming soon =w=.


Today, 町長 came to our mini 牧場 again and taught us how to use raw materials.

Our translation: As expected, Nigel. This explanation was probably easy to understand, right? How you use this wisdom is up to you!

釣り つり- fishing

And we also fished for the first time! Hooray!

大工 だいく - carpenter
資材 しざい - raw material
家具 かぐ - furniture
開拓 かいたく - reclamation (e.g. of wasteland); cultivation; development, pioneering; opening up (e.g. of a new market); breaking new ground; trailblazing
農作 のうさく - farming
自然 しぜん - nature
増える ふえる - to increase
加工 かこう - manufacturing, processing
相談 そうだん - consultation, discussion


Look how everyone is looking after their flowers!

PS: everyone is still complaining how boring this town is XD.


Today we mostly spoke to the townsfolk!

Our translation: Hey, Misa… Do you like flowers? You can ask me anything about them.

And we also met a kid who claims to be able to… shoot lasers from his eyes? XD

Words for today:
収穫 しゅうかく - harvest
相談 そうだん - consultation
自宅 じたく - one’s home
慣れる なれる - to get used to
暮らし くらし - way of life, life circumstances
迷う まよう - to get lost
呼び込む よびこむ - to invite, to call

Next time we will be building an actual log cabin for Misa to live in:). Stay tuned!