Master List of Other Media Discussion Threads

Actually I’m a bit sad that this thread got pinned. I used to be able to see the last three threads in the Japanese Language and now I can only see two (plus this one). Can nothing be done about that? The Japanese Language category has another thread that is pinned but somehow is not visible on the overview, see second screenshot

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The reason the other topic doesn’t appear on the recent list is because it is closed. I did some digging on the Discourse forums, and it doesn’t seem like I can prevent this topic from appearing on the recent list unless it is either closed or unpinned.

If this is a significant factor for you or other members, please let me know and we can reconsider having this topic pinned.

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Individuals can unpin pinned topics on their own accounts - just go to the topic list and click the pin symbol:

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The pin turns upside-down. That’s how you know it worked.



Thanks! I apparently tried just the right combination of search terms to not get that result :sweat_smile:


(Actually, on closer inspection, you don’t even need to go to the topic list - you can just do it in the header bar while viewing the thread.)

I think I just came across it by accident some time in the past. :stuck_out_tongue:

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YES! It works, thank you so much :smile: thanks too @TofuguKyle :+1:


Added the Quartet 1 & 2 study group. I know I don’t really need to update here after each addition, but I figured it’d be better visibility for the group added, since some of these fly under the radar.


Thanks for chipping in. I also think it’s nice to post about additions, so people know things are getting added! :slight_smile:


New anime rerun if anyone wants to participate! ^>^

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@Mods Would you be so kind as to reopen the Oishinbo thread? :slight_smile:

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Sure, it’s open now!

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Thank you! <3

@eefara I’ve been meaning to ask, but would you be willing to help me make the links in the OP post WIKI adhere to the same standard that you used for the F&B thread? I confess that while I posted that template, I actually having no real understanding of how they should look. :expressionless: And so, I just did regular links, then forgot about it (convenient). :sweat_smile:

In any case, clearly need a helping hand so helping me understand how to make them right would be much appreciated, or helping out making them so.

I would be forever grateful!

Sure! I’d be happy to help! Was there a particular formatted section in the F&B threads you had in mind?

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Basically, I should change the format of all links.

Like, on the main OP post, the links all have “x” in them and a number at the end. Like these:

Except you can’t see the links I guess, unless you quote my post! XD

Meanwhile, for this thread, I used the link generator so all the links have the titles of the threads. Is there a special way to generate those nameless and much shorter thread links? :thinking:

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Ah, I see what you’re saying. No, as far as I know you can pretty universally just substitute in that x for the thread title and be good to go. Example:

As-is link:

  • Get Backers (ongoing, no schedule)
    [Get Backers]( (ongoing, no schedule)

Link with ‘x’:

  • Get Backers (ongoing, no schedule)
    [Get Backers]( (ongoing, no schedule)

Just make sure you keep that thread identifying number and you should be set. I’ve been doing it by hand; I don’t know if there’s an automatic way to do it, sadly.


I usually copy one of those links if I have them already, and just replace the number at the end. Or if I don’t have any, I just copy the full URL from the browser and replace the post name by x. Just make sure that you keep the exact structure or else there is no guarantee by the Discourse team that they will work in the future.


Thanks both of you for giving me pointers! Hopefully, I can remake the links quickly. Though not tonight. :yawning_face: Gotta get some sleep to get up early. If I wait too long to get to work, I might get caught up in the rainstorm coming in tomorrow…>_> :cloud_with_rain:


Pasting a backup here in case anything goes wrong; figure I could replace some links while I wait for other stuff.

OP Link Backup

General Anime Discussion thread (ongoing)

Audio Books

Children’s Audio books (inactive)

Drama CDs

General Japanese Games Discussion Thread (ongoing)

Performing Arts & Stage Shows

General Japanese Theater Thread (ongoing)


General Podcast Discussion Thread (ongoing)

TV broadcasts

General Japanese TV Dramas Discussion Thread (ongoing)
General J-Drama Discussion Thread (inactive)
General Japanese TV Shows Discussion Thread (non-drama) (closed)
General Japanese TV Shows (non-drama) List (closed)


General YouTube Thread

@ekg all links should be updated. :+1: Leaving the original links here in case I messed something up and need to revert.


Thank you so much for helping out! :bowing_woman: Smart to copy all links to your post for backup! ^>^

Gives me a good start on this project!

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