Master List of Book Clubs

I do think it’s easier compared to Yuru Camp, simply because it has furigana. We would also be reading it 3-4 times as slowly.


@seanblue Thank you for fixing the book club! I’m sure I would have forgotten again :woman_facepalming:

No worries. I wanted to move 本好き to the offshoot list anyway.


I added the GJ部 informal bookclub to the list. It hasn’t really started yet, and there is no schedule anyway, but I hope to find some more people who want to read the series. In my opinion it’s a great series for those who want to start reading books. Short chapters, easy language, and easy to look up words if you use a Kindle.

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Just added an entry for 狐笛のかなた (Koteki no Kanata) Home Thread. We’re targeting intermediate level pace and difficulty, if anyone is interested.


I’ve moved レンタルおにいちゃん from the ABBC finished to ABBC offshoots. Volume 2 begins today =D


Adding Sayonara Football to the list!

You really should make a poll to track participants. A “book club” doesn’t belong on this list if you’re the only one reading it. That’s if it’s a scheduled book club at least. You put it in the unscheduled section though, which would make it fine, except that it appears to be scheduled based on your thread. So now I’m confused.