A different type of book club (I think?)

Hi everyone, I know there are traditional book clubs here where folks have discussion threads, but I was thinking about starting a book club where we get together at the same time and read.

As in, we all hop on a skype call, zoom call, what have you, and take turns reading along together.

Is there any interest in that?

Hey, we should read together, at the same time, like, where we can hear each other’s voices
  • えーと
  • yes, let’s read novels
  • yes, let’s read manga
  • yes, let’s read anything

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Some of the “traditional” book clubs do this on top of the weekly schedule actually :sweat_smile:
They are called “Read Aloud” sessions and they take place on Discord. If you go to the Discord server, you can see the threads for the books that are currently being read and you can get in touch with the group. (Or search here on the forums, of course!) There are groups for books and for manga afaik.

This is of course not meant to discourage you from what you are planning to do :slight_smile: I just wanted to point you to the existing groups so that you can e.g. use the same Discord server if you like.


No, thank you for replying with the info, it’s part of why I have the question at the end of the title. This is awesome, I’m going to go try and join one! Do you happen to have a link to one? Is it just a single discord server for all of them? I feel like I’m so bad at finding things :sob:


There’s a single server for all of them. Here’s a link to the Discord server .


Nope! Not for me. My reading aloud ability is worse than my other abilities and nobody needs to be subjected to that!


:joy: it’s the only way to get better friend, we’re on the journey to a million mistakes.