Any New Book Clubs?

Does anyone know any new bookclubs that are reading good books on the wanikani community? I want to improve my reading, and I have seen a couple of interesting book clubs but they started at the beginning of the year and I want to be able to follow along and be at the same pace as everyone else.


The Absolute Beginner Book Club will probably have a vote in the next month or so. (I’m not certain of the exact timing for votes.)

The Beginner Book Club recently voted, and will be starting a new manga in early November. (We’re only a few weeks into 耳をすませば currently.)

I know you mentioned wanting to follow along, but just to note you can also utilize older book club threads for discussion and ask questions you may have, even if the thread is over a year old. Many of us get notifications of activity on the old book club threads!


What’s the level of reading you’re aiming at? On top of what @ChristopherFritz mentioned, the Intermediate book club will start a new book at the end of the month, and the Advanced book club will start their next pick early next month. If you go to the clubs‘ home threads you will find more info about the books.

(EDIT: added links to the clubs)


The 金田一耕助 Series Reading Club will be starting a new book on Oct 24th. Although these are in some sense a series, they’re all standalone novels with no overarching series plot, so you don’t need to read them in order. This club reads at ‘advanced book club’ speed or a little faster.


And there’s always the Master List: