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I’m not sure I understand your question. Were you suggesting changes to the format in the individual Absolute Beginner / Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced threads? If that’s the case, then yes, it’s up to the individuals who run each book club.

This would be difficult to put into a tabular format, as Discourse tightly limits horizontal space. And if you go with a non-tabular format, then it’s taking up a lot of vertical.

Using Google Sheets would be one option (as that’s already used for vocabulary sheets), but you’d need to get support from whoever runs each of the clubs, and you would need people to maintain it. Anything that’s a link click outside of the main thread’s top post can easily be forgotten and stop getting updated. You could require the people who propose a book/manga update it, but that’s just adding friction to the process that already asks a lot.

I think it’d be great to have that information, but the maintenance would probably render it unfeasible.


Yes, sorry about that! I set up the thread etc etc and then discovered that there is an English translation available, so decided that (rather than running a bookclub) I’d just do some parallel reading with the translation. All deleted now.


Weird request, I’m kind of looking for a kind of book that may or may not exist… My grammar level isn’t great (Genki I basically) but I know a lot of Kanji, is there a book or manga or anything that’s like that? Probably not, right? I have a hard time understanding the books with simple grammar since they usually use mostly Hiragana and I have a tough time distinguishing all the homonyms or understanding the long strings of seemingly random characters… Kanji helps my reading tons, I’m better at understanding sentences with grammar I don’t really get that have a lot of kanji than sentences with no kanji to clarify.

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Something like that probably doesn’t exist since manga is (obviously) aimed at native speakers who know grammar innately. You can start reading manga with only Genki I grammar knowledge, but it will be hard. There are a handful of really important N4 grammar points that show up all the time when reading, so it could be painful if you don’t know those. Unless you can pick them up really quickly from the reading process that is.

Regardless of whether you choose to try reading now, I’d highly recommend continuing your grammar studies through Genki II (or whatever else) to get to around N4 level. It will become much easier to read just by getting to that point.


I’d say you’re exactly the target of the Absolute Beginner Book Club (ABBC):

If you’re willing to learn grammar as you go, you can join in the current ABBC book, or pick up a prior ABBC book or manga. All the old threads are there, with a lot of grammar discussion, and you can still ask questions if they’re not already covered.

I’ve read almost 80 manga volumes across 24 different series, and the easiest manga thus far has been レンタルおにいちゃん. (Even after accounting for my improved reading ability, grammar knowledge, and vocabulary over time.) We previously read the first volume in the ABBC, and I’m running an offshoot club for the last three volumes.

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Bilingual books for kids are great. Look in the miscellaneous book club list for the Treasury of Japanese folktales. I have that book, and there’s a decent amount of Kanji (with furigana that you can ignore), but relatively simple grammar, and if it doesn’t make sense, you can use the English translation that’s right there to help you.


This might be the right place to discuss this, since it’s a matter that could affect all book clubs…

Has anybody else had this problem?

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There once was a problem where it said you can’t change a poll after 5 minutes - that was a bug in Discourse and it’s fixed by now afaict.
But what happens quite frequently to me when editing book club threads is that Discourse forgets the Japanese -> Reading category. A while ago it gave a good error message but now the error message is really meaningless :weary: But for me, this generic error so far always meant that it forgot the category. Select it in the dropbox and you‘re good to save it again.

What part of the post specifically are you trying to edit. Can you show a screenshot of the preview of what you want to change?

Hmm, I’ve had this error before - where it lost the category - and this is definitely different.

It just says “you cannot edit a poll after 5 minutes” (or very similar), and the category is still there and correct.

In my case, I was simply editing the “Next Week:” part to link to the following week. So from saying “Chapter 10 - coming 28th November” to saying “Chapter 10”.

It’s the same thing I do every single week for every single book club. Don’t even go near the poll. I’m fresh out of book clubs, so I don’t know if it will affect any other threads for me.

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Yes, I had that as well, but it was a few weeks ago (when they had changed something in Discourse, so I figured that broke it) and it did not occur recently any more. While the category loss issue happens to me basically each week… (I’m usually editing 5 topics per week for the book clubs.)

Why is Discourse so temperamental :sob: I hope that one thread isn’t just forever broken, that will annoy me no end.

When I had that issue with some of the threads, it took a day or two to become editable again. Fingers crossed that it will work for you again tomorrow as well!

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Yeah, they recently did a large overhaul to polls, so maybe there was a bug at the time. Hopefully it’s fixed now!

I’ve been having this problem for a week, so I am not sure if it’s going away. And it’s exactly as @Radish8 describes: I am just trying to add a link to some text in the main post, not going anywhere near the poll, but I get the same error they mention.

I did see that there was a similar bug on Discourse before, but that bug was supposed to have been fixed. So either the bug is back, or maybe Wanikani is running an older version of Discourse? Perhaps the admins could weigh in.

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I just edited a post with a poll less than an hour ago, and it worked fine. If you can find a way to reproduce it consistently, you could report it on


I had that bug for two posts some weeks ago. You can delete the poll, saved the post then do the poll again. You lose the poll results but you can change the OP.

I guess it’s good practice from now on to put the membership poll in a separate post so that the main post will be guaranteed to remain editable.

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By the way, I just edited a post with a poll and had no problem whatsoever. :thinking: