Making Progress on the Dashboard

Hey all!

We’ve been working on some changes to the dashboard, and we’re ready to share them with (part of) the world!

For all of you who just had a small panic attack and thought “oh no, my scripts!”, don’t worry: we’re showing these off with our new preview server first. We’ll let everyone kick the tires for a week or so before putting it up on the main site.

How do you preview it? What’s changed on the dashboard? Excellent questions! Go to and sign in with your WaniKani credentials.

The preview site is not a test site! It’s hooked up to your regular account, so lessons and reviews that you do are the real deal. We’re using the preview site to showcase interface changes to those early adopters out there, and give people some time to adjust.

Anyway, explore, click, and let us know what you think. General feedback is always welcome! If you’re seeing a bug, also drop us a note at so we can keep track of those efficiently.



Looks good! These changes will be great for new and confused users in particular!


Can I be lazy and report bugs here?


I like it !
Now it’s easier to see our progress


Not sure what’s the point of showing the radical or kanji SRS level status beyond Guru for the current level? Probably not a single soul on WaniKani will see an item burned while still on the same level.


As long as we can be lazy about reading them and adding them to the queue. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, though, we try and keep up, but sometimes (cough poll thread cough) it’s tough to find the legitimate things here. The bug emails are way easier for us to process.


Looks nice and clean! Very easy understand, and the explanations are great. Should definitely help inform the newer users. I just started level 57 yesterday so I’ll have to check back in as I level up my kanji/radicals to see how the progress bars work at varying levels.

Really appreciate the separate server, too! Didn’t realize how many dashboard scirpts I’d added until I went to this new one and it looked super naked :sweat_smile:

Is there a secret to advancing beyond level 60?:eyes:


I think a ghost turtle told me there may be plans to expand on the section :thinking::turtle::ghost:


I don’t think anybody expects you to scour the poll thread for bug reports. It would be enough to monitor the Bugs & Errors subforum.


Of course! You move to Japan and become an overnight sensation as a gaikokujin TV host!


Have you guys considered a cleaner online feedback approach, even if it just sends emails behind the scenes? The current form that just sends an email is annoying because of the automated email it sends, which makes me not want to use it. And sometimes I just don’t feel like sending an email. I understand that it’s easier on your end, but I think you might be missing out on non-critical feedback because of the current process.

Yes, this. Why would you want everyone to spend time writing up the same bug report when people can just like and respond saying “I’m seeing this too!” after an initial report on the forums? It’s much more efficient for users this way.

Anyway, my dashboard says “32 of 29” items completed. I guess this is only an issue for level 60, but it looks a bit weird. I’d recommend a custom message for people who have passed level 60.

Also, the timestamps on hover aren’t formatted, so I get things like “Unlocked at 2019-04-07T02:20:42Z”.


To be honest: I don’t like it. It’s way too big and bloated for my taste (and for the amount of information it provides). I very much prefer the slick aesthetics of wkstats which gives me the same amount of information with this little space:

plus a hover:



We’ll address level 60 folks — it’s an easy fix.

For the timestamps, we’ll look at the formatting, too. It’s ISO8601 (a staff favorite), but not as legible for regular folks. Until we have time zone information for people, though, we have to keep those UTC.


Yep, I wanted to write exactly the same. It takes too much space for nothing.


I think its okay
It’d be a good idea to be able to hide it, just like it is now because I prefer not to look at the kanji I’m guruing for the first time.
What is the purpose for showing guru+ SRS stages if it only shows you the current level? I know sometimes we take a long time to finish a level, but it’s a bit unnecesary.
Also if you could make the whole thing smaller, that would be great. Like the level up bar, it can be the same size that it is now.


Look great! It shows where I am studying.

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I beg to differ.


I like the idea, but as others have written, it takes up way too much room.


I like the clean design overall. I think it’s definitely beneficial to tell the user “To get to level 52, you need to pass 32 kanji.” I think new users will be able to understand the leveling system a little better with this.

I like being able to view all the kanji in the level and see the exact SRS of each one. I’m not sure how beneficial that’d be past Guru though, but the visual representation for Apprentice-Guru is nifty.