New User Banner & Pop-Ups!

Hiya! I’ve been gone a few months :caught_durtling: so if this has already been mentioned ignore me. I didn’t see it in the announcements, others wouldn’t know about the improvements unless they reset, and newbies wouldn’t know the difference.

I bought the lifetime and decided to reset back to level 1. Along with my reset was the new, new user experience.

  1. Before I could even see look at the dashboard, this popped up. No more guessing where to go first thing.
  2. After my lesson I got this. Nice to let people know the default 5 lessons aren’t all they can do immediately. :high_touch:
  3. With every refresh of the dashboard, this pops up with the time remaining. Every. Refresh. :durtle_noice: Noice. Impatient “how-much-longer” people beware!
  4. CHECKLIST BANNER IS GONE!!! :partying_face: There is now a link to the FAQ. If only people would actually read it. smh

:clap: Thank You WK Team! :clap:

PS: I'm loving the dashboard progress bars but I've already read those threads.



Thanks! I’ve been curious a few times about what WK does or doesn’t tell new users at the start.

Based on certain recurring topics, I think it would also be great to (at some point) add one more screen that says something along the lines of “make sure you know your small kana in order to tackle the level 1 kanji!” with a link to the WK knowledge page.



I had no idea! This is great!


This is awesome! I had no idea new users get to see this now. I think these are a good step in helping people who don’t understand the concept of lessons/reviews and the waits in-between.


Woah amazing! To be honest, I haven’t seen a lot of questions about “slow wanikani” lately. This might be the reason :relaxed:


Yeah that’s a great idea :blush:! We brought up something similar in the last meeting. Maybe for the first level it could jiggle if you forget to write a small character (something like じよ instead of じょ for 女). Then there would be a link to the small vs large characters article. We are still trying to work it out! This may be something we add in the future.


That sounds like a great solution


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