Feature request: display full definitions

I’ve noticed that on the lists of vocabulary, there is a character limit on the definition, such that some definitions are truncated, even though there is plenty of space to show the full definition. Would it be possible to increase the character limit so that truncation doesn’t happen?


You want this script


Alas, I mostly use my iPad, and as far as I can tell, scripts don’t work on iPadOS

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Try Tsurukame on IOS. It might have that feature already.

Can confirm, on iPhone and iPad, it shows the full thing (unless there actually isn’t enough room. Then it shows as only much as possible). It’s also really handy for review reminders and sorting, among other things!

I have Tsurukame, tried it for a while, but I don’t find it very helpful. Maybe I’m missing something? But it seems less useful than the default wanikani web interface unless I want to sort lessons, which I did for a while, but for now I think I’m better off not doing.

What couldn’t you do on Tsurukame that you could do on the web interface?


I think mostly I just don’t like the layout. I’ve poked around at it a little more today and found some of the features that I’d been missing, but I don’t feel like it is very intuitive to use. In my first run at it, I just got frustrated and left. At this point I’m more willing to miss a review for the sake of an experiment than I was previously, so I figured a few things out.
I don’t much care for the way it displays upcoming reviews and current level progress. I hold a special hatred in my heart for pie charts - I believe that they are the wrong way to display almost any data. Meanwhile the upcoming reviews chart is placed front and center, but seems strangely noisy and not very useful, and only shows 24hrs. I like seeing the whole week. Basically, the WK dashboard is more inline with what I feel is relevant than tsurukame is.
The main missing feature that I object to is that (as far as I’ve found) you get one shot at looking over your missed reviews. Once you click off that page its gone. I like to do some reinforcing on everything I miss, but I don’t always have time to do it right when I finish a review session. I like being able to return to the reviews page later and check over what I missed, and I prefer that WK doesn’t display the answers, so I can easily quiz myself .
I did just note that tsurukame has different fonts — maybe they have changed that interface? I seem to recall looking at it before, but I didn’t have the fonts downloaded so I couldn’t use any of them and it wasn’t clear what to do about that. But now there is a download button right there (or maybe somehow I didn’t see it before? :woman_shrugging:t2:) and honestly that may be the game changer for me, that seems like such a valuable feature.
(But I still hate pie charts)

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Fair enough.

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen a good way to get scripting on IOS so hopefully the @Mods will take a look at your suggestion.

You can also email hello@wanikani.com

They’re pretty responsive.


Yeah, I kinda feel the same about Tsurukame’s dashboard, WaniKani displays the information much clearer, but keep in mind that all the apps came before WaniKani had a dashboard overhaul about 2 years ago which added the review forecast and level progress interfaces. So the apps just had their own designs for how to display that info, and were often modelled after more technically-minded userscripts.

Personally, I only use Tsurukame for reviews on my phone when I can’t access my computer, but it’s main benefits to me are:

  • WaniKani doesn’t have proper mobile formatting for the review interface,
  • the keyboard disappears and reappears for every item and requires two taps, instead of one tap, since you have to press the return key then the next button,
  • it’s much easier to make mistakes on a mobile keyboard, so I like the forgiveness of being able to mark an item as correct, and lastly,
  • Tsurukame notifies you of new reviews.

But since you’re on an iPad, some of these points probably aren’t as relevant.

For this, I recommend that you follow up new lessons with reinforcement from BishBashBosh to avoid the issue altogether. It’s really helpful as it also gives you items you’re struggling with, such as oldest Apprentice and Guru items, which are likely to be leeches, as well your recently failed items.

I’ll check out BishBashBosh, that looks helpful.

Yeah, the issues you mention aren’t really relevant, since I’m on an iPad with external keyboard. I make more typos than I’d like, but I own those and will accept the consequences.

As for notifications of reviews…. Is that for people trying to speed run through WK? That’s not me. I’d like to not take too long, but I’d rather go a bit slower and feel like my knowledge is more solid. I know I need to be doing reviews at least once a day, twice if I can manage. I don’t need a notification to tell me that.

It’s actually even newer than that. When I started using WK in January last year, the dashboard didn’t yet have the review forecast feature. Only a couple of months (?) into using WK did they implement review forecasts - a great improvement to be sure. I really like having that overview, though I also have the Ultimate Timeline script. :slight_smile:

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Great suggestion! We’ve heard this one before and it’s something that we may want to fix in the future. I’ll let the team know your thoughts.

Thanks for tagging us! :pray:


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